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Bob Jacques Photography (@bobjacques_photography)
bobjacques_photography20.05.2019 10:24:44

How to kill your engagement 😂😂 Well I think it's a good series Alex, solid work as always 👍

𝗜𝗹𝗮𝗻 𝗗𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗵 (@ilanderech)
ilanderech20.05.2019 10:33:01

sweet shot my brother! loved the long exposure!

Sophie (@sophiii_im_juliii)
sophiii_im_juliii20.05.2019 10:50:08

Das hörst du jetzt vielleicht nicht so gerne, aber deine Bilder waren selten ausdrucksstarker. Vielleicht weil soviel Emotion drinsteckt..spürt man sehr deutlich. Bravo, Alex! Ich liebe die Serie sehr❤

𝔻 𝔸 𝕍 𝕀 𝔻 • 𝕂 𝕌 𝔾 𝔼 𝕃 𝕄 𝔸 𝕊 (@kugey)
kugey20.05.2019 10:58:20

Alex I’m loving all of the motion!!🙌🏻

Moritz Arndt Photography (@moepheu5)
moepheu520.05.2019 12:37:40


c/o Jamaal Josef (@jamaaljosef)
jamaaljosef20.05.2019 12:59:55

Really interesting shot!

Hassan Khazma (@hkhaz)
hkhaz20.05.2019 16:57:53

Flaura and fauna. It immediately occured to me that so far we've seen all human characters adrift, in a haze, but this demonstrates that everything around it is stable, happy with the status quo

tatsu_is_tatsu20.05.2019 16:59:21

I always appreciate some good motion blur ...

Zahyr (@zahyrc)
zahyrc20.05.2019 23:35:44

Nice 👍🏽

Photos i took (@photositook._)
photositook._21.05.2019 09:51:56

Love this!

Karin SG (@in_publico)
in_publico24.05.2019 05:27:57

haha, did that kill your engagement? I rather like it, but of course you probably don't want to do ONLY that experimental stuff

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