Me: It’s so sunny, I can barely keep my eyes open for the photo, if only I had something to help... 🧐
Also me: Oh my sunnies, perfect photo prop! 😎🤪🤣🙈 - CLAUDIA PADGETT (@zeebalife)
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Lilly Sabri (@lillysabri)
lillysabri12.02.2019 00:43:49

Stunning shot 😍😍😍😍

Camille Co (@itscamilleco)
itscamilleco12.02.2019 15:31:06

This blueeeeee 😍

.∂няυтιк_ραтєℓ. (@d_h_r_u_t_i_k_2_8_0_8)
d_h_r_u_t_i_k_2_8_0_811.02.2019 16:18:57

You are looking beautiful... Love from India 😘😘😘😘🇮🇳

Ceslie ☀︎ Travel + Lifestyle (@ceslieloyd)
ceslieloyd11.02.2019 16:12:35

Hahahahaha your caption is gold 😂

🎀Сабрина 🎀 (@sabrina_melissa)
sabrina_melissa11.02.2019 16:12:35

Hahah love your caption 😂 and you look beautiful 😍

sarah (@sarah.warn3r)
sarah.warn3r11.02.2019 16:12:01

Thought that was just the sultry look you were going for and not cause the sun was in your eyes haha 😂 love the photo 😍

Aray Kantay (@akantay)
akantay11.02.2019 16:00:18

Dreamy 🌠 I think many other girls also would take million photos in such location 😉

Vikalp (@vikalp475)
vikalp47513.02.2019 14:22:10

Beautiful ❤ beach u looking lovely @zeebalife 

Pitta  ► Travel | Photography (@pittapassport)
pittapassport13.02.2019 05:50:17

How is this resort? I’m thinking of going ! ❤️

💫Keri Ann💫Travel (@diaryofawanderluster)
diaryofawanderluster13.02.2019 05:48:15

That’s ok. I always have way too many of the same location 😁

Vie Loic (@vieloic_)
vieloic_12.02.2019 10:05:03


v r o n i  ✧  munich 🥨 germany (@travelvruit)
travelvruit11.02.2019 23:58:17

Goddess ✨

Lyds ✈🌎 (@backpacker_babe)
backpacker_babe11.02.2019 23:33:52

😍 wow🔥

Paola Santoro (@_paolasantoro_)
_paolasantoro_11.02.2019 15:59:16


Travel with Love (@world_travel_with_love)
world_travel_with_love11.02.2019 15:58:59

cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jess ✨ Travel (@jessxtravel)
jessxtravel11.02.2019 15:58:32

It looks great! No judgement ☺️😍

Hortense (@mhortense)
mhortense11.02.2019 15:58:27


Heather Campana (@myeurocrush)
myeurocrush11.02.2019 15:58:14

I would take a million photos there too 😉

🌏 Travel Vlogger Ivana (@travelvlogiv)
travelvlogiv11.02.2019 15:58:04

Totally worth it because it's gorgeous😍

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