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angel (@_touchofanangel_)
_touchofanangel_08.12.2018 14:07:38

Thanks 😊

ゆき (@morittaking)
morittaking08.12.2018 14:11:25


Claudia Perazzo (@claudia.p89)
claudia.p8908.12.2018 14:31:24

@lucimannarino  😆😍😍

Lucia Mannarino (@lucimannarino)
lucimannarino08.12.2018 14:32:29

Li voglioooo

Barkha Bhatia (@barkhabhatia)
barkhabhatia08.12.2018 18:18:17

Is it launched in india also

김다민 Damin Kim ✨ (@dmdmrp)
dmdmrp08.12.2018 18:25:54

자라 짱 👏

Tanisha Umrao (@tanisha_umrao)
tanisha_umrao08.12.2018 19:05:27


Hatim Ziany (@hatim.2019)
hatim.201908.12.2018 20:21:45


Evelin (@evelinukko)
evelinukko08.12.2018 20:58:13


Nida💖 (@nida_instadiary)
nida_instadiary08.12.2018 21:36:28

Purchased UM01 a beautiful rose pink, i'm in love with the formula, it's so buttery and soft in the lips, colour is so right for me and great price, I'll be buying more

Belikeme (@myfamily_mylife_forever)
myfamily_mylife_forever09.12.2018 05:39:52

I ❤️ Zara .

Bakulia Alisherova (@bakulia.81)
bakulia.8109.12.2018 09:19:27

so cute

𝐊𝐄𝐋𝐒𝐄𝐘 (@kls_dnk)
kls_dnk09.12.2018 12:37:48

@sophie.cl_  😱

albacondee09.12.2018 13:29:56


Maria Tzoutzopoulou (@mariatzoutzopoulou)
mariatzoutzopoulou09.12.2018 14:15:07


a    t    g (@araarat)
araarat09.12.2018 16:42:01


ELLI VAN DER ROSEN (@justelli)
justelli09.12.2018 16:51:23

Also in stores ? Austria ? Or just online ? @zara  I wanna try it first

ELLI VAN DER ROSEN (@justelli)
justelli09.12.2018 16:52:24

But how can I try it on my lips first when u sell it online ? @zara 

Natália Noel (@natalianoel3)
natalianoel309.12.2018 17:12:58


Valeria 💛 (@linduriitha)
linduriitha09.12.2018 18:29:19


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