Remember 3 years ago when we were sitting here alone @your_passage ??... even if overrun with tourists now (what a power of Instagram huh!), this kill - Lara 💫 | TRAVEL & DREAM (@your_passport)
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MAGALIE KAYROUZ (@magaliekayrouz)
magaliekayrouz19.04.2019 00:23:59

This reminds me of Lebanon!! Have you been?

Beach House Rum (@beachhouserum)
beachhouserum18.04.2019 12:34:32

Love your account!💕☀️

Amy-Jayne Robinson (@amy_jayne_r)
amy_jayne_r15.04.2019 10:55:07

Here at the moment, it really is as amazing as it looks on the photos. 💕
The traffic is less amazing though.. it took us maybe 40 mins to make a 4minute drive down to crystal bay for a dive today because of the hundreds of cars racing back to get the day trippers back to Bali-bound boats. Recommend spending a few days here if possible, seeing the sights at a more relaxed pace and spending money with the local people (they get nothing out of the day trips).

Iris Zijlstra (@frecklesonthebeach)
frecklesonthebeach15.04.2019 07:43:48

This place is so perfect 😍 did you climb down?

LINDSAY & ALEXIS▷TRAVEL COUPLE (@aforeigner.abroad)
aforeigner.abroad15.04.2019 06:38:51

Yes it still remains to be beautiful Lara!😘😍

⏅  I z  ⏅ (@peppermintplaces)
peppermintplaces15.04.2019 01:28:12

I know what you mean ! There were so many things we saw event before Ig that have just exploded with popularity now

J o s e f i n e 🌏 (@jmk.travels)
jmk.travels14.04.2019 20:49:12

It must’ve changed like crazy since then! I was in Bali in May 16 and I feel like IG exploded right after then 👏🏼

FROM 🇦🇹 TO THE 🌍 ✖Bettina (@fromaustriatotheworld)
fromaustriatotheworld14.04.2019 06:30:43

Gonna be there in August 🤩

David A. Gaspar (@davidagaspar)
davidagaspar14.04.2019 04:02:33

Can one visit this place as a day trip from Bali?

O P H E L I Λ  ☼  Travel Diary (@opheliaway)
opheliaway13.04.2019 15:20:18

Never been to Nusa Penida no, but next time I’ll go to Indonesia I’ll make sure to visit this beautiful island too 😍

Diana&Marcin | travel couple ✈ (@lostitalianos)
lostitalianos13.04.2019 14:07:46

yes, one of the views that are more beauriful in real life than on the pictures ❤️ we were stunned!

Travel Couple• Travel • Tips (@twopassports_onelove)
twopassports_onelove13.04.2019 11:45:46

That is insane that it only took 3 years

Sarah Rohrbach (@earthtosarahwp)
earthtosarahwp12.04.2019 23:49:25

Yes! Just a couple of weeks ago, and the tourists actually weren’t too bad!!! Probably like 15 of us total, so it was a great time ✨

Manon (@lespepitesdumonde)
lespepitesdumonde12.04.2019 22:35:51

Love this spot even I saw it million times on Instagram 😂 it’s so amazing

JENNY ☼ TRAVEL (@jen_amp)
jen_amp12.04.2019 20:53:25

Been there 3 years ago too💙 I really would love to go again but I am afraid that it changed too much (so many tourists now) 😕

Sari G - Travel Dreamer ☾★↣♥︎ (@travels_with_fraugee)
travels_with_fraugee12.04.2019 20:09:38

The power of instagram has made me to not wanna visit this place. It looks pretty, but I‘ve seen too many shots from this spot. 🙈

pooja patel (@thewanderingjiva)
thewanderingjiva12.04.2019 18:57:13

some of the best places are packed, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth going! humans love pretty views, we can’t be greedy haha.. even tho it feels so good having a place to yourself. guess that means waking up really early is a necessity!

ZSUZSI 🇭🇺 & DANTE 🇲🇽 (@deertraveler)
deertraveler12.04.2019 17:25:02

Such a wonderful place! We would love to visit, even if there are so many tourists 🙈 is there a low season? 🙈

CORINNE & RIVER (@northsouthtravels)
northsouthtravels12.04.2019 17:09:26

Not yet! Heading that way in a month 🙌🏻

Tiana | Travel✖️Lifestyle (@passportofmemories)
passportofmemories12.04.2019 17:07:34

I haven’t but would love to visit! I can see why it’s so popular 😍😍

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