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susanbishopyoga13.06.2019 02:43:38

I wanna shop w you!!! Awesome job Lori!! 💗

🌜 R e b e k a h 🌛 (@rebekahwilcken)
rebekahwilcken13.06.2019 02:48:23

That's our girl❤❤❤

Brenda Porter (@yogini_444)
yogini_44413.06.2019 03:20:16

Awesome climbing! Looks like you have a monkey for a spirit animal 👍🏻

BFirst Apparel Line (@bfirst_apparel526)
bfirst_apparel52613.06.2019 03:59:51

Modle me garment troop! Take a glimpse my bio immediately

BFirst Clothing Co (@bfirst_apparel541)
bfirst_apparel54113.06.2019 05:12:47

General me wardrobe team!! View my instagram page promptly

Helen Garner (@helen_garner_yoga)
helen_garner_yoga13.06.2019 05:35:17

Whooooooop!! You make it look so easy Lori 🙌❤️💃🏽 suuups nonchalant 😂

Shieda Eilerd (@shiedaeilerd)
shiedaeilerd13.06.2019 06:52:42

So cool. Love this. 💖

Kathy Kwart (@kkat50)
kkat5013.06.2019 07:24:23

Spider women 😁😁😁 love it nice job Lori 😍 how is the weather in AL ? every other day ours is changing

Xenia (@yogasouthcrete)
yogasouthcrete13.06.2019 08:02:44


D͓̽i͓̽a͓̽n͓̽e͓̽ Jackson (@namastdee)
namastdee13.06.2019 08:19:26

How fun!!

Traci Fozkos Lauder (@supermomtraci)
supermomtraci13.06.2019 09:57:55


ERYEN_Elixe (@eryen_elixe)
eryen_elixe13.06.2019 10:22:50

Hi! Stunning 😍 We like your charm so we have an awesome offer just for you! 😍 Please DM @elixeboutique  and tell them Eryen referred you. 💞

Brianne Freeman (👽😽💕🔮) (@yogi.bree)
yogi.bree13.06.2019 11:09:47

Yessss girl, amazing climb 😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Tambo Clark✌🏼🕉🌎🧘🏼‍♀️🌄🤟🏼🐶🐾🛣 (@tamboclarko)
tamboclarko13.06.2019 11:31:28

Awesome! That looks funnnnn! 🤩🙌🏼

Chesca (@latebloominglotus)
latebloominglotus13.06.2019 18:11:25

Excellent! Way to deliver the ninja goods. You look like a teenager!

Leslie (@lesliegreinstein)
lesliegreinstein14.06.2019 00:16:13

Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Rachel Eidson (@racheleidson)
racheleidson14.06.2019 00:27:00

Hi Lori, this is pretty darn impressive!! Get it Girl!!! Although, I think I should mention, I do not know you nor am I pregnant. I did get a good laugh from the accidental tag. 🤣. Namaste and lots of Love.

✨Cindy Hammock✨ (@cyndamin)
cyndamin14.06.2019 04:18:44

Beautiful ninja moves 💪🏻way to rock that doorway ❤️

Manuel Maciel (@menosondeado559)
menosondeado55914.06.2019 05:51:13


Gabrielle Edwards Yoga (@gabrielle_edwards_yoga)
gabrielle_edwards_yoga15.06.2019 11:09:43

You’ve for some fun mad skills yourself Sister 🤗

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