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Daisy 💖 (@tiffanywhitt)
tiffanywhitt15.03.2019 19:06:03

I love science - I’m a teacher and love to being all my ideas back home for my son to try out too! We love mixing things and looking at the changes! Vinegar and milk has been our favourite so far 🤓 @daisjh  @twirlywhirly3 

Monkey and Mouse Blog (@jennyseaves)
jennyseaves15.03.2019 20:25:01

Exciting! My kids love science, we were making rockets with water and steradent to fire them into the sky! 🚀

Claire Morgan (@clairedmorgan)
clairedmorgan16.03.2019 07:43:07

We love science and we’ve been doing lot related to flying lately and we had balloons, planes, parachute (mini ones!) and kites. (Perfect when it was so windy last weekend!) @annapollard22  @sppollard 

Gem (@gembo_jo)
gembo_jo16.03.2019 07:57:20

My kids love making the volcano 🌋 with erupting lava 🔥

Gem (@gembo_jo)
gembo_jo16.03.2019 07:57:27


Gem (@gembo_jo)
gembo_jo16.03.2019 07:57:35


Gem (@gembo_jo)
gembo_jo16.03.2019 07:57:41


Jan (@janib19)
janib1916.03.2019 08:34:44

My daughter has loved science week at school! They’ve had guest speakers and it’s been very hands on! She brought home a lava lamp that she’d made, she was very proud 💕 @fionahopeaitken  @natalie4895 

Anna Pollard (@annapollard22)
annapollard2216.03.2019 13:37:41

Yes we love science adventures! Alice loves making potions so the other day she chose to make a blue volcano - bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and blue food colouring. Whoosh! 🌋 @sppollard  @barry.fisher2 

Nature is our playground (@gem.paul)
gem.paul16.03.2019 18:54:33

Realised I forgot to tag two people @sotonric  and @amy.kill 

🌻🌺Janet Johnston 🌺🌻 (@janetlynnej)
janetlynnej16.03.2019 21:29:38

We love bug hunting in the woods with our granddaughter @kikirau  @mummytoasmallarmy 

Miss Samantha J Butler (@sammumof4)
sammumof417.03.2019 15:47:37

💖😍🍀@fimac64  @mummytoasmallarmy  💖😍🍀

Miss Samantha J Butler (@sammumof4)
sammumof417.03.2019 15:47:48

💖😍🍀 @ryan.cain.794  @chris_mellor_1980  💖😍🍀

Miss Samantha J Butler (@sammumof4)
sammumof417.03.2019 15:48:08

💖😍🍀 @jessop5299  @lanct22  💖😍🍀

Hannabell (@hannabellafonte)
hannabellafonte18.03.2019 07:57:42

We love science with my 4 year old as it definitely sparks curiosity and makes learning super fun. We have recently been making volcanic eruptions using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda as part of volcano week at our home ed group. This was a BIG hit. We've also been testing items to see if they're magnetic with our giant magnet and have also been talking about how our bodies work, including how poo is made!

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