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Our Grand Opening is scheduled for September 16th!!!! There will be giveaways, raffles, gourmet cheese an... - Corey Graves (@wwegraves)
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luxury club (@bdluxuryclub)
bdluxuryclub05.09.2017 13:24:21

Nice! Make sure to check my page out aswell 👌💯

Brandon (@kingbrandon508)
kingbrandon50805.09.2017 13:36:19

Do they have anything for chunky fellas?

Chelsie Kolkman (@tinkh2t)
tinkh2t05.09.2017 14:13:31

Is it possible y'all could do a livestream when you guys open @wwegraves ? It would be so cool!

Basil Rose Boutique (@basilroseboutique)
basilroseboutique05.09.2017 15:44:38

@tinkh2t  I'm hoping to do this!!! I'll put @wwegraves  in charge of that😬

Chelsie Kolkman (@tinkh2t)
tinkh2t05.09.2017 15:45:22

Yay! Thank you @basilroseboutique !

Chetan rajpal (@chetrajpal57)
chetrajpal5705.09.2017 17:15:45

Gay graves