In my best Vince Neil voice, "I'm on my way home sweet home." #takeoverbrooklyn @wwenxt @wwenetwork - Corey Graves (@wwegraves)
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Ryan Weinfurter (@ryanweinfurter)
ryanweinfurter19.08.2017 15:05:44

Sam Roberts😔

Sacheen Mehta (@sacheenmehta)
sacheenmehta19.08.2017 15:05:57

sam Roberts is so boring

oscar frankenhausen (@oscarfrankenhausen)
oscarfrankenhausen19.08.2017 15:06:10

Sam adonis is your brother?

🌸Aura ortiz gonzalez🌸     🐾🐾 (@auraorzg_)
auraorzg_19.08.2017 15:06:19

Love uuuuu💛💞

Matty B (@mattybrema)
mattybrema19.08.2017 15:12:11

Thank Christ, #JustSayNOsenberg 

Johnny (@blessed.johnnyy_)
blessed.johnnyy_19.08.2017 15:13:39

Get Sam Out

Kenneth Noisewater (@kenneth_noisewater7626)
kenneth_noisewater762619.08.2017 15:13:53

Great song. I couldn't help but finish it in my own Vince Neil voice

Ace and Paul are the best (@frehley_stanley)
frehley_stanley19.08.2017 15:14:28

Yasss Corey!

The Burg (@theburg511)
theburg51119.08.2017 15:19:20

Geez. Sam add no value to these panels. He's just a name dropping walking advertisement

Chanal #5 (@jazmenmoran1720)
jazmenmoran172019.08.2017 15:20:30


cashingten19.08.2017 15:25:44


THE MEDIUM SIZED MANG (@jimthecleaner)
jimthecleaner19.08.2017 15:44:52

Charly 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Evan Rivelli (@evan.rivelli)
evan.rivelli19.08.2017 15:49:06

What a panel minus the afro dude Sam Roberts

#BROKEN WWE fangirl (@hardyz.fate)
hardyz.fate19.08.2017 15:51:06


Cahir Clancy (@cahirclancy)
cahirclancy19.08.2017 15:56:02

I only hit like because it was on 999. Sorry

Bob Seiler (@der_wahnsinn)
der_wahnsinn19.08.2017 15:59:29

Should be Rene

Scarlet Degenerate (@scarletdegenerateofficial)
scarletdegenerateofficial19.08.2017 16:11:41


Mike Ruotolo (@nftimike)
nftimike19.08.2017 16:17:28

I'm here too! Get me charlys number

Blackwell (@teeblackwell)
teeblackwell19.08.2017 18:10:23

3/4 are awesome!!

Brady Ballachay (@the_real_dork_knight4)
the_real_dork_knight419.08.2017 22:13:11

Sam sucks

K. K. (@okaykoral)
okaykoral19.08.2017 23:28:41

Tell Car its Lita NOT leah

Rick Thrailkill (@rickthrailkill)
rickthrailkill20.08.2017 00:44:00

Sam embodies the ppl in the stands his commentary resonates with the WWE UNIVERSE so dork knight, u obviously don't know what you're talking about.

Skytchu (@skytchu)
skytchu20.08.2017 02:05:11

He looks like HBK

Mark G (@markanth0ny)
markanth0ny20.08.2017 18:44:49

Damn no more raw?

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