The Lady in Red 💃 Reminiscing the past days when the weather was perfect for a stroll along the banks of the Seine ! - Olivier Wong (@wonguy974)
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Raphaël Chane (@thecitygraph)
thecitygraph14.03.2019 07:59:20

Magnifique bro ✌️

Chloé Yun | Paris (@whatchloecaptures)
whatchloecaptures14.03.2019 07:57:49

Wow nice shot! J’adore les couleurs🙏🏼

☻ M⃝ I⃝ C⃝ H⃝ A⃝ E⃝ L⃝ ☻ (@mmanhinn)
mmanhinn14.03.2019 07:56:26


Niko (@niko.gonzales)
niko.gonzales14.03.2019 07:56:07

🌅 and💃 blends well together 🙌🏻

Kevin Challis (@kevinchallis.fxt2)
kevinchallis.fxt214.03.2019 07:55:57

I'm coming to Paris in may for a weekend, really looking forward to hopefully getting some shots as awesome as this. Question for you though, what are the laws on street photography in France? Do you know? Thanks

Amelia Tetriana (@mrsriantori)
mrsriantori14.03.2019 07:55:20

Lovely photo!

✿ Anki - Traveler -📍Dubai (@wayfarer_anki)
wayfarer_anki14.03.2019 07:55:16

Ah I’m reminiscing about wonderful travel days too! 🙃

Mikael (@mikael_lechat)
mikael_lechat14.03.2019 07:55:03

Belle photo j’aime bien le manteau rouge qui ressort bien dans le cadre

Travel ✨ Photography ✨ (@ana.donovici)
ana.donovici14.03.2019 07:53:34

Love that pop of red ❤️

_Pluenn_ (@_pluenn_)
_pluenn_14.03.2019 07:50:11

Toujours au bon endroit au bon moment !

Vlad Costache (@vladd_mh)
vladd_mh14.03.2019 07:50:00

Such a beautiful photo! 😊

wonderful wa (@wonderful_wa)
wonderful_wa14.03.2019 07:49:35

Beautiful ❤️

Tiffany Tang (@tiffanyonearth)
tiffanyonearth14.03.2019 07:48:37

Love the editing 😍😍

crisinthecity14.03.2019 07:47:45

This is so gorgeous 😍😍😍

Travis James (
travisjames.co14.03.2019 07:46:16


Isaac Ramos (@_isaacramos)
_isaacramos14.03.2019 11:14:38


Gláucia Nunes (@glauejus123)
glauejus12314.03.2019 10:41:17

As margens do Rio Sena,e esse final de tarde,e esse clima,e eu indo encontrar minha amiga para um chá ☕️ @fahricci  ❤️ Amoooo

Natália Keller - Phibrows (@nataliakpmu)
nataliakpmu14.03.2019 10:09:25

@paulafontinneoficial  💕

𝐑.𝐊. (@r.k.126)
r.k.12614.03.2019 17:22:23

Nice 🧡💛🖤

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