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Sussex born, Investm
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introducing @jamesasquithtravel, #author#writer#traveler Sussex born, Investment Banker, James Asquith become a travelar extraordinaire at the age of 24 by visiting all the 196 countries in the world! On the 8 July 2013 he arrived at his final 196th destination namely the Federated States of Micronesia. He holds the official Guinness World Record as the youngest person to have visited all the sovereign countries. He is the CEO of a popular app called @holswap and author of an inspirational top 10 travel book tiled ""Breaking Borders -Travels in Pursuit of an Impossible Record. His intention to travel started after some traveling with his father, a pilot for BMI. He realized that he simply had to see it all. His traveling journey began while studying for his Bachelors Degree in Economics in London. He became a meticulous saver looking for any opportunity to make money to save at a young age including jobs such as car washing in his home neighborhood and requesting money instead of gifts for all special occasions. He took a gap year at the age of 18 before his university studies and visited Southeast Asia. A three month journey developed into a world adventure including Afghanistan during a war and a jeep journey to Somalia.
16.02.2019 10:42:55
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introducing @rayawashere, #traveler,#personal-growth,#blogger#travel#lifestyle#vlogger Raya is a travel vlogger with her own well known you-tube channel 'RayaWasHere' where she uploads her travel journey and all the insights she has gained about different cultures and lifestyles. Raya's main source of income is derived from being a you-tuber. #awesomeness Her first video was posted over 2 years ago, called 'Exploring China with Louis' which was viewed over 62k times. Raya is passionate about travelling and discovering the magic that our wonderful world contains. Raya was born in Bulgaria and completed her school education at Milton Academy. She went on to receive a degree from Goldsmiths College, the University of London. Once Raya had graduated she relocated with her family to the US. Raya was never interested in a conventional 9 to 5 job and chose to spend her time working on her own personal nomadic adventure. This was when she first created her youtube channel. In recent years Raya met her now partner Louis Cole, an English film-maker and YouTuber who has his own channel called Food for Louis and the couple can be seen travelling together to various destinations.
09.02.2019 06:15:12
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introducing @laurenepbath, #travel#photographer#social#media#consultant#Instagrammer Lauren is a down to earth, full-time travel photography and social media consultant. She is highly regarded as Australia's finest and first professional influencer and social media adept. Her clientèle list comprises many of Australia's largest marketing names including Qantas, Telstra, Tourism Australia and Australia Post. Her global marketing repertoire includes Switzerland Tourism, Tourism South Africa, Tourism New Zealand, Canadian Tourism Commission, Visit Finland and Visit Dubai. She was the finalist in the 2105 Gold Coast Women in Business Awards under the category of 'Women for Change' and has been featured in Travel + Leisure, Daily News, News.com.au and Mashable and various others. She considers her profession in photography to be a unique experience and derives considerable satisfaction sharing her amazing travels with her followers so they can, in turn, express themselves through the medium of photography. A few years ago Lauren worked as a Chef, working extremely long hours, which left her feeling dissatisfied. Something had to change, this change was set in motion after she downloaded Instagram. When Tourism Australia reposted one of her photographs she can to the conclusion that the possibility of following her passion was viable. In 2013 she left her position as Chef and pursued a full-time career travelling the globe. Born and raised by her single mom. Christine, who encouraged Lauren to pursue higher education in order to go to University and choose any path she wanted.
04.02.2019 16:02:58
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Gary is a
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introducing @everythingeverywhere, #Travel#Photography#Awardwinner Gary is an American travel photographer who has recently acquired the accolade as Travel Photographer of the Year by the Central States Chapter of the @societyofamericantravelwriters for the 4th time and is an Ambassador @GAdventures. He is popular for his travel blog called Everything Everywhere. Gary's contributions have appeared in The Huffington Post. Since 2009 he also co-hosts podcasts in 'This Week in Travel'. In 2007 he sold his home and started his travelling and has, since then, visited over 190 countries around the globe. Gary has been to all the 50 US States and travelled to more than 335 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Gary has won the Lowell Thomas Award winner in Photo Illustration of Travel 3 times as has additionally won the Lowell Thomas Award winner in Photo Illustration of Travel twice. These are only a few of his accolades. #travelguru Gary grew up in Wisconsin and only saw seawater at the age of 21. His family went on Summer Vacations but distance travelling adventures were few. He went back to school in 2004 and studied geology but was unimpressed with how students were treated, so he changed plans deciding to travel instead. His first camera purchase was a Nikon D200 but knowing nothing about photography yet, his photographs did not meet his expectations. So he began doing some researching and followed photography blogs and practising filming and saving files in RAW. In 2016 he purchased his first Sony.
26.01.2019 20:15:10
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introducing @stephbetravel, #traveler#entertainment#writer#photography#blogger#adventure Californian award-winning writer, photographer and travel expert, Stephanie Be has visited over 200 destinations. Passionate about adventure, lifestyle and self-motivation she has amassed enormous popularity by sharing her travel diaries and tutorials. She is well-known as the owner and proprietor of the Travel Break blog and the founder of @mybuenalife. She has written for the Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily and others. Her love for travel and adventure began at UCLA where she earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology and global studies. Presented with an opportunity to study abroad she spent two summer seasons studying in Spain and Brazil thereafter exchanging her sorority membership for a solo trip to Japan. In July 2014 she launched her winning adventure blog, TravelBreak illustrating her love of culture and travel. Stephanie loves spontaneity and is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her family could not afford to travel. Stephaine's dad was an orphan born in a little town outside of Guadalajara, Mexico where education and access to running water were not available. Her mom gave birth to Stephanie a few days after turning 16 and had to work all through Stephanie's childhood. Stephanie's mom was always there for her encouraging her to pursue her dreams. After graduation, Stephanie had numerous job opportunities awaiting her, but taking gap years were not part of Mexican or American culture at that time. Taking the unconventional route with a yearning to discover her role in society, she purchased a one-way ticket to Sydney, Australia and her life changed completely. The more she travelled the more Stephanie discovered an inner desire to alter societal norms. She believes that living should be about thriving harmoniously with a balance between work and personal joy in life.
16.01.2019 19:42:22
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Karl h
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introducing @karlwatsondocs, travel# #photography#YouTube#video editor Karl has a passion for travel, documenting his incredible journeys that can be found on YouTube. He treasures his films as souvenirs of the adventures he experiences and hopes to inspire others to pursue their own exciting adventures. In 2013 Karl ditched his regular job for a 9 months adventure around the globe. Accompanied by a good friend James, they visited 20 countries in 4 continents thereafter editing the footage into a tv-style documentary with 11 episodes. Whether anyone would even watch was an unknown element, however, the success astounded him. He continues developing his #video#editing career as a freelance #traveler exploring the globe. His YouTube channel continues growing with films such as 'Central America Backpacking Trip' and 'A journey in Japan'. He was exposed to travelling, as a child, with his family which instilled in him his travel wanderlust. However, it was only in 2006 during a 6-month trip through Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and USA that the travel bug really bit him. The sense of freedom that came from having nothing else to do except enjoy himself concreted his penchant for travel. Sometime during 2006-2007 Karl completed a post-graduate course in Post-Production: Editing at Bournemouth University, thereafter landing a position in the media industry in London. In 2012, he landed a role at BrightTALK as Senior Video Editor. In 2015, he went into freelance and acquired a wider variety of clients. During this period he continued working and narrowing the gap between his professional and hobby videos.
15.01.2019 18:05:11
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introducing @gypsea_lust, #blogger,#travel,#photography#fashion#writer Lauren, originally from Northern NSW Australia, admits that when she first started her Instagram account her intention was simply to have a beautiful and 'real' account with awesome photographs. Her first real photography learning curve came during an adventure to the US and Canada. She always had a dream of being able to travel and earn an income. She was approached by Student Flights in Australia which brought her a paid excursion to Europe with Busabout and Sail Croatia and she was thrilled! Soon after she received more and more contracts for paid influencer adventures. In December 2015 she found herself in a viable financial position and was able to leave her full-time employment as a Dental Assistant. She has acquired work with brands such as Tiffany and Co and Land Rover. She is passionate about travel and image creation and now travels around the globe with her partner Jack Morris. Her photographs have incredible attention to details. She is self-taught and is now able to make use of her special skill working with numerous clients to create fabulous exclusive content for travel, fashion and lifestyle. Expertly she creates her unique vision of life and travel. Lauren and her identical twin, Ellie were raised in Lennox Head, Australia. The duo journeyed together for a number of years and reached popularity status showcasing awesome destinations including New York City, Philippines and Turkey and some! Lauren met Jack Morris in 2016 whilst on a job in Fiji.
14.01.2019 18:00:09
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introducing @chaseguttman, #Traveler,#Photographer,#droneexpert,#author,#lecturer Chase is a noteworthy and gregarious influencer. He is a 3 times recipient and the first American to win the Young Travel Photographer of the Year. He was also named a 'World’s Top Travel Photographer' by Condé Nast Traveler. He won the 2017 Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Storytelling and Exploration. His book called 'The Handbook of Drone Photography, A Complete Guide to the New Art of Do-It-Yourself Aerial Photography', received noteworthy commendation from various publications including Travel and Leisure, The Daily Mail, the New York Post, the Telegraph and the Business Insider. There is no doubt that Chase is a highly motivated charming and extroverted personality. He is a regular contributor to New York Daily News, The Huffington Post, Family Travel and Light Stalking. Chase is an insured and FAA licensed drone pilot with over 5 years travelling experience. He has travelled to well over 58 countries. At 16 years old he had a solo exhibition in New York City. His work has been displayed at places such as the Royal Geographical Society, Photo Beijing, Saint James Cavalier, the Maritime Greenwich UNESCO World Heritage Site and Calumet Gallery. He attributes some of his passion, enthusiasm and inspiration for travel and photography to his father, well-known photojournalist Peter Guttman. As a young person, Chase grew up travelling and being exposed to the art of photography and by the time he turned 18 he had already seen all 50 US States. Chase's passion for Drone Technology is obvious in his writings. He has a penchant for the importance of perspective and storytelling and for him, Drone Technology reaches airspace that other technology can't reach.
13.01.2019 15:39:53
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introducing @thisgirlcaneat, #food,#travelwriter,#travelinfluencer,#blogger,#freelancewriter Megan has earned the title of one of Porthole’s Top 10 Travel Influencer's. One of her specialties is that of video/event hosting and judging in the culinary, travel and hospitality industries. Megan is super passionate about food and drink, travel and eating, which one can see quite clearly at her personal blog ThisGirlCanEat.com. She has written for distinguished culinary outlets including Food & Wine, Cooking Light, MyRecipes, The Daily Meal, Thrillist, Eater and The Kitchenthusiast. Prior to this Megan had worked at Bon Appétit and Epicurious. Megan is and co-founder of @lokerosewine. She has also written for numerous media outlets including @afarmedia@fodorstravel@eatthisnotthat. Megan loves dining out as well as getting creative in her own kitchen. She has recently video hosted the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience’s 20th Anniversary, Cooking Light’s signature Light Up The Night event on the High Line in NYC as well as being an official media sponsor of the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival. At a young age, Megan found her love for food and firmly believes that food has a magic way of simply 'bringing people together'. Having grown up in a traditional Italian & Irish-American household where the meaning of family was tied in with scrumptious food and family traditional celebrations she feels 'blessed' to have in her ascendants a superb line of great homemade chefs!
12.01.2019 15:04:03
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introducing @sean_ensch_images, #Landscape/Travel#photographer.#Freediver. Sean Ensch has travelled extensively to various destinations including the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe. His breathtakingly #stunning#photographs can be seen on his Instagram page. Sean originates from Southern California and is recognized for his travel, landscape and underwater photos. Sean is passionate about nature and storytelling through the use of images. Conservation of our oceans and nature is so vitally important to Sean. One fine day Ensch left his job, sold what he owned, packed his bag and started his travelling adventure with his partner. His photographs are insanely beautiful and filled with nature magic! Having grown up along the beaches in Southern California, he felt inspired to take pictures of the oceans. He started studying photography during high school where he learnt to shoot on film. He pursued his studies by teaching himself digital photography and post-processing. He purchased his first digital camera in 2012. His photos have been featured in various magazines including National Geographic, USA Today, Huffington Post, and the Daily Mail.
11.01.2019 16:11:09
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introducing @torytsui, #Wildlife,#Nature,#Traveler,#contentcreator Victoria focuses on filming videos that portray what it is like to travel as a female. Victorias initial impulse to create videos came about as a response to a heavily laden excess of men in the travelling media arena. Her work has a magical quality and resonates with everything that is natural and adventurous. Her editing skills are stupendous! Her focus in life is research and even though she has a great fondness for reading through hundreds of academic papers she has found another more exciting and engaging route for her research skills. Victoria has been travelling the world as a freelance writer, photographer and videographer publishing content for sustainable travel companies and ecological enterprises. Her first documentary called ‘SERERE’ explores biodiversity at the Serere Reserve in the Madidi National Park, Bolivia. It was co-produced and filmed in 2017 and was shortlisted for the Sondrio International Film Festival, Green Earth Film Festival, Ekotopfilm Envirofilm Festival and Japanese Wildlife Film Festival. Her media involvement has seen her work being featured by Lonely Planet, BBC Earth, Contiki and over 300 different news outlets including ITV News, The Independent and BBC. During the early part of 2017, she initiated Journecology with her colleague and partner, Matt. They have done some awesome things such as capturing aerial footage of the elusive Chinese White Dolphin and journeying across the diverse South American continent searching for some spectacular scenery. She has a special penchant for living out of a backpack.
10.01.2019 15:37:05
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The traveling
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introducing @alongdustyroads, #Travel#photography and #blogging The traveling duo, Andrew and Emily were winners of the Best UK Travel Blog in 2018, #Along Dusty Roads. Their special traveling style is 'to travel slowly' and savor each encounter along the way if they arrive at a destination and it 'feels good' they stay for a while. The most important and beautiful moments these two travel enthusiasts treasure are the small social interactions with people within the broader landmarks. With their blog, 'Along Dusty Roads' their main goal is to find ways of helping other people travel and find their own particular style that enriches their own personal adventure! Their monthly newsletter, The Constantly Curious', is where Andrew and Emily share exclusive stores with their readers about their personal choice selection of favorite travel stories by various writers, bloggers and websites. They are also proud Wanderers with #GAdventures. Andrew and Emily fell in love instantaneously and exactly two years after their first date they made a decision to fly over the Atlantic. In March of 2014, they bought a one-way ticket to Mexico, knowing extremely little about photography, unable to speak a word of Spanish or have any knowledge on how to create a website. All this they taught themselves on route. Their one and only goal was to have an awesome adventure and create a totally different way of life for themselves. One of their favorite motto's is 'travel more, travel better'.
09.01.2019 15:19:45