How about that view?! I think maybe I’m so enamored by the landscape out west because I live in the South. I mean, we’ve got majestic oak trees going - Jess (@walkingbetweenmountains)
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Woodstock Family Photographer (@adriennelouisephotography)
adriennelouisephotography12.07.2019 14:39:05

I grew up out West and moved to the South 5 years ago...I still miss the wide open spaces, all the trees here make me feel claustrophobic...hahah!

JillReneephotography (@jillrenee_photography)
jillrenee_photography12.07.2019 14:42:11

This is a gorgeous photo! I love the movement in her hair. 😍

Cat Chiappa (@catchiappaphotography)
catchiappaphotography12.07.2019 14:43:53

So romantic. Such a pretty spot.

Gwen Sweet (@gwenlsweet)
gwenlsweet12.07.2019 14:45:59

Stunning ❤️

Taneill Soroka Davis (@hucklebee_photography)
hucklebee_photography12.07.2019 14:49:16

The backdrop looks like a painting!

Darcy Graf Photography (@darcygrafphoto)
darcygrafphoto12.07.2019 14:49:16

Gahhhhh this is beyond perfect!

Nicole Graham (@growingwiththegrahams)
growingwiththegrahams12.07.2019 14:51:32

Omggggg how incredible!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

Arizona Wedding Photographer (@j.colonyphotography)
j.colonyphotography12.07.2019 14:51:35

Okay this is incredible! I need mountains like that!

KATE LUBER Photographer (@kateluberphoto)
kateluberphoto12.07.2019 15:02:27

Holy crap what a view!

Amy Selleck | Bainbridge WA (@amy_selleck)
amy_selleck12.07.2019 15:20:43

Gorgeous view and what a great wedding photo to have.

Brittany Bonnaffons 💋 (@ordinarilyextraordinarymom)
ordinarilyextraordinarymom12.07.2019 15:46:11

Beautiful. The mountain backdrop is perfection ❤️

Katie Slanina (@katieslanina)
katieslanina12.07.2019 16:20:33

Nuts beautiful! Congratulations!

Liz Allen Dell (@liz_allen_dell)
liz_allen_dell12.07.2019 23:33:56

You look beautiful. Congratulations!

Kristi ❤️ Manuel (@silverfish_n_yo_ear)
silverfish_n_yo_ear13.07.2019 06:55:08

Incredible! Love it! So happy for you!

The Grapeful Ape (@grapefulape)
grapefulape13.07.2019 13:45:44


Betty Mae Hatfield Brown (@bettymaehatfield)
bettymaehatfield15.07.2019 16:24:29

So breathtakingly beautiful 👏

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