@ed.templeton's photos of Los Angeles #Pride parade-goers of all shapes, colors, ages and sizes form a technicolor collage of the many, many faces of - Vogue (@voguemagazine)
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Mohammad Raad👨‍🔬 (@hamoudyraad)
hamoudyraad11.06.2019 19:20:24

I will never understand people

Rebecca Angee♎️ (@funkmasterbex)
funkmasterbex11.06.2019 20:08:51

How are people on VOGUE of all things and leaving hateful comments about the lgbtq community??! Lmao make it make sense😂🤦🏿‍♀️

YASAMAN GHEIDI 🇨🇦/🇮🇷 YVR (@lilmoonchildd)
lilmoonchildd11.06.2019 20:30:27

Wow.... these comments. I’ll never understand how some people are full of hate.

Ana Gabriela Munguia (@queen.munguia07)
queen.munguia0711.06.2019 20:56:46

God created a man and woman for each other ! He created love for everyone but sacred love for a marriage between a woman and a man repent now and live eternal life rebuke now and break those chains in jesus name amen

EAVES (@shopeaves)
shopeaves11.06.2019 20:03:03

So amazing to see people living out their truths. ✨❤️✨

Ranim Tayea (@ranimtayea)
ranimtayea11.06.2019 20:45:41

Two men have turned them selves into women then fell in love with each other (as women) .. life can’t be more complicated 😅

Luciana Jacinta (@luciana.jacinta.1)
luciana.jacinta.111.06.2019 20:07:31

Hell on earth👎👎👎👎

Nune (@nune7)
nune711.06.2019 19:47:07


Lea 🌟 (@stargirlea)
stargirlea11.06.2019 19:22:32

YES YES YES AND YES 😍😍😍 #pride  #loveislove 

Katie Lopshire (@oldaccountttttttsssghtr)
oldaccountttttttsssghtr11.06.2019 19:27:21

Honestly how the world is and people going have accept it

Baha Alzarif (@baha_za1)
baha_za111.06.2019 19:34:52

Is it pride or lust ? I’m a bit confused 🙂

Artichoke.then (@artichoke.then)
artichoke.then11.06.2019 21:06:59

Looking like clowns 🤡

Latrice Rac (@latricerac)
latricerac11.06.2019 20:07:47

I love all the pride but I dont understand why do they dress like woman to kiss a man dressed like a woman. Whats so hard woth being gay and being yourself?

✰ Megan Rademeyer ✰ (@meganrademeyerr)
meganrademeyerr12.06.2019 00:11:17

why is there so much homophobia? let ppl love damn, it doesn’t affect you or harm others

Christine Nguyen (@petites4keeks)
petites4keeks11.06.2019 19:26:25


Sophie Karella💫 (@sophie_krll)
sophie_krll11.06.2019 19:27:33


J▲DED. (@itsirvinx)
itsirvinx11.06.2019 19:29:55

Love is love! I love it 🔥

Elsi! (@elsahernandezarguello)
elsahernandezarguello11.06.2019 22:04:39


karla castro (@therealkanoca)
therealkanoca11.06.2019 19:30:58


climate.studio (@climate.studio)
climate.studio11.06.2019 19:25:14

But what about climate breakdown!? 🔥🌍😞 #climatechange  #crisis  #extinctionrebellion 

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