@ed.templeton brought the exuberant human spirit of *Teenage Kissers* to Los Angeles #Pride, where he documented revelers kissing on the streets of We - Vogue (@voguemagazine)
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𝓛 𝓪 𝓾 𝓻 𝓪 ☥ (@laura_zucc)
laura_zucc11.06.2019 18:56:28

In 2019 I still have to read homophobic comment ? Really ?? Please stop it . Love is love 🌈🌈🌈

Nina Siconolfi (@ninasiconolfi)
ninasiconolfi11.06.2019 19:21:17

Is it really necessary for Vogue to push this down our throats?? Why are you trying so hard? It's getting boring.

Lauryn Michelle 👑 (@lmk_klemptner)
lmk_klemptner11.06.2019 18:48:04

Someone really commented "abomination" 🤣

ᴀʀᴛ, ʟᴏᴠᴇ, ʀᴇᴛʀᴏ . (@viintageheart)
viintageheart11.06.2019 19:18:39

some comments here are so disgusting and ironic , THIS IS LOVE . don't use the name of God as argument for your prejudice, God is love, and this picture shows love. you do not have to accept the fact that two women love each other, but at least respect.

Heather (@periwinkle_pop)
periwinkle_pop11.06.2019 18:43:10

Love wins 🌈 ❤️

Manou Vandervoort (@manouvandervoort6)
manouvandervoort611.06.2019 19:42:39

Looking at the comments..I think it's pretty disgusting how it's 2019 and some people still think they have the right to decide who we should love

Angie V (@nancy.vigors1)
nancy.vigors111.06.2019 19:30:22

Vogue what is your aim promoting this pic? I respect that everyone is different. This is starting to become like every other dogmatic religion. Just keep it to yourself and be cool about it ✌️

mirashameya1 (@mirashameya1)
mirashameya111.06.2019 18:53:19


Chourouk Ela 🖐🙅 (@_chika_bella)
_chika_bella11.06.2019 19:05:17


. (@dead.660)
dead.66011.06.2019 18:53:45


ريبيكا (@rebecca.bertozzi)
rebecca.bertozzi11.06.2019 18:49:47


CULTURESHOCK⚡️🥶 (@shock.culture_)
shock.culture_11.06.2019 18:44:22


fatemeh eshraghi (@fatemeheshraghi326)
fatemeheshraghi32611.06.2019 18:48:43


sameer akhtar  {INDIA} 🇮🇳 (@haayat_malik)
haayat_malik11.06.2019 19:12:58

I you cant say anything good better stay quite 🖕🏻

Oaks (@oakley_arnold)
oakley_arnold11.06.2019 20:10:52

Learn biology and be normal

RT (@_rachele_troiani_)
_rachele_troiani_11.06.2019 18:57:21


Lea 🌟 (@stargirlea)
stargirlea11.06.2019 19:00:48

YES 💙 #pride 

Donna Pauline 🇫🇷🇺🇸 (@dnova_goddess)
dnova_goddess11.06.2019 19:15:46

Love will always win #Pride  #loveislove 

Brenner (@brenner.w)
brenner.w11.06.2019 19:32:33

No way there's homophobic comments on a VOGUE'S post, you didn't get it at all haahaha

Ava Valencia (@avavalencia04)
avavalencia0411.06.2019 19:31:30

It’s 2019 stop hating. Love is love. don’t spread hate

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