"I look at the woman I was in my 20s and I see a young lady growing into confidence but intent on pleasing everyone around her," says @Beyonce in our - Vogue (@voguemagazine)
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{ Jackson } (@jxn.s)
jxn.s06.08.2018 17:01:46

Rihanna and Beyoncé both killing these shoots

icanhasinsta06.08.2018 17:18:43

She looks natural and real in all the pics - it’s very refreshing and I hope to see others adopt this approach - but the photos themselves don’t wow me.

Semina Sehovic (@sehovic.s)
sehovic.s06.08.2018 18:55:20

This whole interview looked pretty nice to me. Nothing over the top, nothing unrealistic, just fine. Can't see the reason why people are hating (maybe you just saw it's about Beyonce and went for it without reading at all, and maybe you are just rude and disappointed with your own ... existence) :)

Jacquelyn Kennedy (@jac_quel_in)
jac_quel_in06.08.2018 19:27:22

Unpopular opinion: Queen Bey is overrated

MM (@mpm_m)
mpm_m06.08.2018 17:23:02


Rubysanna (@rubysanna)
rubysanna06.08.2018 20:52:52

This is very 80s prom/ conference room. I don’t find it worthy of Vogue standards at all. Just bc it’s Beyoncé (again. Yawn) doesn’t make it good.

iCON Billingsley. (@icontips)
icontips06.08.2018 17:47:17

A goddess. So proud of what she’s pioneering for women & our community. 👑

neveragaintt06.08.2018 16:57:37

WHERE IS THE FORMATION TOUR DVD @beyonce  , imma chase you until we get it girl. Don't play me.

~Loralie~ (@mediocre.meowdel)
mediocre.meowdel06.08.2018 17:01:18


Kseniya Solodkaya (@queen_penny_)
queen_penny_06.08.2018 18:50:42

And yet all that showing off again for pleasing everyone

0a.gr06.08.2018 17:20:56

This article couldn’t have come at a better time💛

Marti Dixon (@martidixon)
martidixon06.08.2018 17:41:07

Being much richer also helps...smh

Taty Mathias (@tatyyysz)
tatyyysz06.08.2018 17:40:32

Illuminatti 🌌

Kevin Song (@kevinsong)
kevinsong06.08.2018 16:54:15


Courtney Burke (@courtneyleeburke)
courtneyleeburke06.08.2018 22:03:15

@keldunnigan  after everything it did turn out to be beautiful 💛

💣NATE💣 (@allhail_kingnate)
allhail_kingnate06.08.2018 18:00:18

@whila_  wanted this as the cover so bad

Gunjan Rai (@gunjan.raiii)
gunjan.raiii06.08.2018 17:09:23

@sunisha_kiran  are you seeing this?!?!?! She looks like a goddess

Skevon™️🕊 (@skevon)
skevon06.08.2018 19:59:40

At First glance thought this was taken by @obislens 

eduardod1as06.08.2018 18:35:45

No one cares

Isabella Castaño (@laisabelle)
laisabelle07.08.2018 01:42:12

Beyoncé te copió @gina_mcm 

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