"I look at the woman I was in my 20s and I see a young lady growing into confidence but intent on pleasing everyone around her," says @Beyonce in our - Vogue (@voguemagazine)
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Pupa Wes (@pupawes)
pupawes10.08.2018 21:09:45


BAJAHERUMUSIC (@bajahheru_aten)
bajahheru_aten11.08.2018 00:40:02


Necessity Field (@necessityfield)
necessityfield11.08.2018 07:10:00

My goodness :p

Alicia✨ (@alicia_themodelhouse)
alicia_themodelhouse11.08.2018 23:24:05

Incredible xx

LeanoOfficial (@leanoofficial)
leanoofficial12.08.2018 20:43:46

No no no ....no

LeanoOfficial (@leanoofficial)
leanoofficial12.08.2018 20:44:23

Sorry...its a no from me.

BeautyPerfect_Tips (@beautyperfect_tips)
beautyperfect_tips13.08.2018 21:47:06

The Queen. 👑

partynextyear_14.08.2018 13:00:57

A to B - B to A

Amends Lextalionis (@retributive_justice18)
retributive_justice1814.08.2018 20:06:06

Ok Biracial queen... keep posing for Becky😂

enjoy FFW, MEEW, & Virgo 💙💟🐱 (@lucywarmke)
lucywarmke18.08.2018 21:37:12

@fouchebride  another inspo

fpolice 👮🏻👮🏼‍♀️👕👚✖️️ (@crimes__of__fashion)
crimes__of__fashion19.08.2018 19:08:01

Queen 🐝👑👏👏👏

WURUHI.com (@wuruhi_official)
wuruhi_official20.08.2018 09:29:01


Rosalié (@prettygurl312)
prettygurl31221.08.2018 22:58:51

I want this magazine how can I get it!!?

Markus Molinari (@markusmolinari)
markusmolinari21.08.2018 23:55:29


𝚎. 𝚓. 𝚛𝚘𝚠𝚍𝚘𝚗 (@villagesfornomads)
villagesfornomads27.08.2018 20:14:35

Loving these comments; finally people are just as over it! Ugh...is @voguemagazine  trying to win cool points vs being fresh and artistic? Are there not enough females on earth that there could be someone new and interesting and artistic on the cover every month without repeating?! I think so; there ARE billions of us;) Yawn. This is why I quit American Vogue a while back; celebrities all day, and now it’s celebrities on repeat. 👎🏼

Chandler (@chandlersvision)
chandlersvision04.09.2018 13:52:51

ThAt headpieces is remarkable but better are Beyoncé ‘s words to empower younger women #rolemodel  #beyonce 

Alice (@alicethithi)
alicethithi09.09.2018 18:40:43

@noemie2602  @candy_o_soleil  nous au bar un soir de semaine 😂

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