The modern seaside city of Tel Aviv is poles apart from Israel’s religious hubs like Jerusalem or Tzfat. Here, on the Mediterranean coast, the beach i - Vogue (@voguemagazine)
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bawness12.06.2018 19:08:45

Yes, Palestine is very beautiful. 😍

Bela (@queenpetty7)
queenpetty712.06.2018 19:01:32

what’s an israel

Chaimaa Hy (@xchouchoutex)
xchouchoutex12.06.2018 23:34:45

What is israel ? Oh you meant Palestine now i get it 🇵🇸

DENA 🌹 (@denafsalman)
denafsalman12.06.2018 21:43:04

jerusalem is the capital of palestine

DAnielle Ames Spivak (@daniellemira)
daniellemira12.06.2018 22:09:31

I love Israel and I love Vogue!!

Ram (@rami961)
rami96113.06.2018 07:43:24

These beaches belong to Palestine. Get your facts right before posting just anything @voguemagazine 

Sarà Bashiri (@sarabashiri)
sarabashiri12.06.2018 20:03:37


Talia Zoref (@taliazorefstyle)
taliazorefstyle12.06.2018 18:51:25

The greatest city in the WORLD

Lina Serti (@linaxserti)
linaxserti12.06.2018 23:03:24

What is an Israel 🇮🇱 ?

רביד פלג - סדנאות לקליעת צמות. (@ravid_peleg)
ravid_peleg12.06.2018 19:09:24

One of the best countries ! I love Tel Aviv

sarah (@whatthehuq)
whatthehuq12.06.2018 23:21:01

oh u mean palestine lol

Avishag Levy (@avishag76)
avishag7613.06.2018 02:16:09

🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 Jerusalem capital of ISRAEL!! Whether you like it or not.

yasminedahleh12.06.2018 21:12:03


Taahirah Abrahams (@taaaaaahirah)
taaaaaahirah13.06.2018 07:55:19

Palestine is so pretty yes

RÉSNU (@resnuimani)
resnuimani13.06.2018 03:06:08

you mean PALESTINE right? yup PALESTINE is so beautiful

@BeHabbi (@behabbi)
behabbi12.06.2018 18:53:54

Gorgeous! Thank you for showing real people and real bodies!

Rym Bensenane (@rymmbs)
rymmbs12.06.2018 22:25:37

🇵🇸 ❤️

Saira Hussain + Architecture (@syrahussain)
syrahussain13.06.2018 06:58:23

The modern seaside of Palestine*

Rehab Hassan Youssef (@rehabhassanyoussef)
rehabhassanyoussef13.06.2018 08:51:23

Palestine is ours

ياسمين🦋 (@yasminegoda)
yasminegoda13.06.2018 16:25:51

Long live Palestine 🇸🇩✌

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