Focus on the journey, not the destination.
A shot of @karl_shakur climbing the Stairway to Heaven on Oahu - Vince Lim (@vincelimphoto)
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Nolan (@nolank808)
nolank80809.09.2019 19:42:07

Congrats on 100k buddy!

ʀᴜsᴛᴀᴍ sʜᴀɢɪᴍᴏʀᴅᴀɴᴏᴠ (@tomrus)
tomrus09.09.2019 19:06:19


3 Brothers | Hawaii + Travel (@threeifbysea)
threeifbysea09.09.2019 18:47:23

Great words to live by 🙌🤙

Ivan Mazzola (@ivanmazzola)
ivanmazzola09.09.2019 18:46:51

Fantastic 😍

Caleb Tracy (@calebtracy)
calebtracy09.09.2019 18:43:05

Hey I don't usually comment, but I've gotta say this is top level content your creating 🌊🌴🔥

Shawn & Ali | Travel Bloggers (@lifeandmylens)
lifeandmylens09.09.2019 18:26:40

So awesome man!

Terry Mclaughlin | Photography (@asteryx)
asteryx09.09.2019 18:25:40

I really need to get back up there. Are they still going to tear it down ?

br_i_an09.09.2019 18:25:34

The journey is always what you remember 🙌🏽

Joel Cuesta (@joel_cly)
joel_cly09.09.2019 17:53:28

Killer shot 👌

Ueli Frischknecht (@runawayueli)
runawayueli09.09.2019 17:42:36

Those stairs 💙🤤

P H I V E S | 📍Chicago (@phives)
phives09.09.2019 17:42:04

So awesome - need to make that climb with ya when I visit 😁🙏🏼

Go Faster (@surfer230)
surfer23009.09.2019 17:39:09


Brady Ortman (@brayshoots)
brayshoots09.09.2019 17:37:58

sick a climb 😩😍

BASHAR (@basharsenan)
basharsenan09.09.2019 17:37:02


Waiola Life (@waiolalife)
waiolalife09.09.2019 17:33:22

So epic

Vandy (@forthecurious)
forthecurious10.09.2019 02:30:09


mateo_nguyen (@mateo_nguyen)
mateo_nguyen10.09.2019 01:38:20

Nice shot, is this stairway still open?

¥  Ü  Ṃ  Λ  K̷  Ī  Ṁ (@yumakim)
yumakim10.09.2019 02:48:22


Spencer Lee️️️️️️️️️ (@spencerlee808)
spencerlee80810.09.2019 04:35:33

Dang i need to go again🤯

n_i_n_a_3_110.09.2019 02:55:56

Really wish I can be there one day😍

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