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#thicklivesmatter 😜 (@mm_dana_)
mm_dana_16.11.2018 00:23:22

So y’all just like to waste weed huh?

胡敏 (@ohannalisa)
ohannalisa15.11.2018 21:13:48

Hi, veggie version pls

The Meter (@themetervapes)
themetervapes15.11.2018 20:50:34

Fuck that. No one should ever smoke something with fats & lipids. That's how you die from pneumonia. Look it up.

Luis.g (@blackeyedpeasfan98)
blackeyedpeasfan9815.11.2018 20:49:12

Waste of food and weed

🔱Richard Ashton🔱 (@i_filmdreams)
i_filmdreams15.11.2018 19:55:51

Nope not even once

Jeff Craig (@craig022)
craig02215.11.2018 19:42:55

Wasting weed guys .

El_padreDdios (@el_padreddios)
el_padreddios15.11.2018 20:21:01

@adrien_adl  tout pareil au nouvel ans ❤️

savannah (@ohdearsavannah)
ohdearsavannah16.11.2018 02:28:23

Oh my GOD @kendallpaul23 

Zakariya Aslane (@zakaslane)
zakaslane16.11.2018 02:33:59

Did anyone else think of “Don’t hug I’m scared” when seeing that snake?

Jack Hinkes (@jackylmore)
jackylmore15.11.2018 21:56:46

This shit is fucking whack. High guy Ry actually got you all too stoned to think properly. 🤷🏻‍♂️😂🤔🤦🏻‍♂️

Sean (@easyeastsails)
easyeastsails15.11.2018 21:43:51

Meat is cruel and disgusting🤢

TMCT (@tmctran)
tmctran15.11.2018 21:35:32

@jusxgold  😭

Nicholas P (@nicholaspappp)
nicholaspappp22.11.2018 15:40:40

Pork caused cancer and a pig has more intelligence than a dog. Wake up.

Graciela Salamo (@gracielapresley)
gracielapresley21.11.2018 02:20:50


quienloprende17.11.2018 13:27:21

what the mother fucking hell!

Melissa (@mrodd9)
mrodd917.11.2018 11:56:47

We should fo more to help them with weed money then flaunt around on TV how you can make food with it. We should use the weed to help them get out . Nobody cares that you can cook with weed

Melissa (@mrodd9)
mrodd917.11.2018 11:55:07

Iam so sorry it's not your fault but it's sad to see you guys holding weed , but thousands of men are still in jail for weed and you guys get to show it on TV is A big ass slap in the face to all of them missing years of there lives because they are not white or wealthy enough to be shielded from our corrupt government

Jenna Chase (@becomingjenna)
becomingjenna17.11.2018 05:52:02

Best episode of the series for sure! Thu Tran is awesome and hilarious

Life Unfiltered ☮ (@posforlife2)
posforlife216.11.2018 15:53:03

And still ya did not call me AGAIN

Andres (@avar1z)
avar1z16.11.2018 15:36:45

Congratulations, you've done it! You have smoked yourself retarded

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