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Connor Bearnarth (@c_beeezzy)
c_beeezzy16.11.2018 16:36:57

Fuck the news

theothers1de_16.11.2018 17:25:20

How does looking at social media every day affect your life ?

J O H  N (@ging3rnaut)
ging3rnaut16.11.2018 17:57:52

I don't

Brody Scott (@brody.scott)
brody.scott16.11.2018 18:23:08

I stopped a long time ago, soon after trumps election. I still hear everything important, just never heard it from MSM. Follow @thefreethoughtproject 

David (@dkidd13)
dkidd1316.11.2018 19:59:39


Cuaya Torres (@cuaya377)
cuaya37716.11.2018 20:26:44

No thank u

Joshua M (@jo_sh.i)
jo_sh.i16.11.2018 21:20:06

watchem to be somewhat informed about whats going on in the world. my favorite part is when they try to trash trump, always a good laugh

Noreen Delsanno (@delsanno)
delsanno17.11.2018 01:50:36

Gets me angry.

MT (@360mt)
360mt17.11.2018 01:51:58

I watch it with condescending eyes

Jodi Lyn (@jodiunder)
jodiunder17.11.2018 02:25:52

If they actually had real news, it would be worth watching, but local news only has sappy dog stories and cable news is not news, just opinion of actual news and fake news. Waste of time, but we keep watching because when we get nuked, we kinda wanna k o

Jodi Lyn (@jodiunder)
jodiunder17.11.2018 02:26:07


Queen War (@planet_soul)
planet_soul17.11.2018 03:12:48


S A R A H  B E i N E (@vancouver.baddie)
vancouver.baddie17.11.2018 09:16:22

I don’t. And I’m happier than ever. Cuz most of it is fake anyways. Bullshit = avoided.

missjuliamalka17.11.2018 09:31:45

It's crap and when it's on it gives me anxiety like if I turn on the tv and then news is on I gotta mute it until I find a different channel. ☠️ Not having it

Whitney Borchers (@mrsselfdestructxx)
mrsselfdestructxx17.11.2018 12:00:40

It's funny that I see this tonight because just last night I was writing a post on FB about how I was still awake at 4am, stressed the fuck out, in tears, worrying about life and my daughters future, etc etc and what caused this was a news article I read that really upset me. And the even sadder thing is that last night was not an isolated incident. I'd say at least once a week I have an evening where there was something on the news that I saw or read that has me so sad, upset, stressed, etc that I literally am pacing around the house, unable to sleep because I'm so just so filled with worry about life. I honest to God think that I need to stop watching and reading the news because it is truly affecting my life in a negative way. The world is so sad and cruel and fucked up and this is just a known fact and i dont think i want to continue reinforcing that thought into my head on a daily basis. I'd rather be in an ignorant bubble where idk shit about what's happening in the world. It's all just too sad for me... :(

Geoffrey W. Jr (@thewavywonder)
thewavywonder17.11.2018 21:09:04

I shake my head and laugh at some of the things we as humans fight about

Hidden Talents (@m.i.aliya.h)
m.i.aliya.h17.11.2018 23:10:12

lol I loveit #ctfu 

ahkrin9218.11.2018 12:48:12

I only see the news that the internet chooses to show me. I may search what im interested in, but then the internet thinks that’s all im interested in. So that’s all they show me. Like don’t regular people go through phases where they’re really into something, but still want to read about other shit. It ridiculous how fast my ads change, it’s like someone be watching me 24/7, just waiting to hit me with that personalized ad.

kekaip18.11.2018 17:44:27

My account of the news goes like this- murder, housing costs rising, another politician found guilty of something, missing child then sports and then a ridiculous heartwarming story of a dog adopting a poor orphan duck to make everything better at the end.......

Chi Late (@elaborate_chi_tea)
elaborate_chi_tea14.12.2018 18:26:54

Fake = News

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