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𝔸𝕫𝕠𝕏_ℤ𝕠𝕣 (@alexis_dupire.37)
alexis_dupire.3717.01.2019 17:25:38

@zitounfarid  👍😉

Radley Chin (@raddles_chin)
raddles_chin13.01.2019 11:54:13

I don’t know how but your style and tricks are some of the cleanest and most controlled out there. You just make everything seem floaty and weightles

Νίκος Σωτηρόπουλος (@nikos_swthropoylos)
nikos_swthropoylos12.01.2019 20:51:24


Jorrit Stoffers (@jorrit_trickz)
jorrit_trickz12.01.2019 13:54:58

Triple cooooork

巨 zac | goal: 1000 巨 (@zb.flips)
zb.flips12.01.2019 11:36:47

love seeing your progression man. so dedicated.

Dima Schine | CREW10 (@dimaschine)
dimaschine12.01.2019 06:48:01

Fire!! 🔥🔥🔥

DNap (@danielnapolitano)
danielnapolitano12.01.2019 05:05:19

What a guy!!

Cecil Lee (@cecil2455)
cecil245512.01.2019 00:54:41


Jaime Colón (@jaimec84)
jaimec8411.01.2019 21:17:34

Goin in, Veli~ 👏🏾👏🏾

Osman Işık (@osmanthewho)
osmanthewho11.01.2019 20:27:35


🔥DEMON🔥 (@tivodemon)
tivodemon11.01.2019 20:14:50


TRICKING (TEAM_EXTREME 👑) (@extreme_abolfazl)
extreme_abolfazl11.01.2019 20:06:04

Wooooooo is so prefect💪💙

Ouch chawwleee ouch! (@chawwleeebitmeh)
chawwleeebitmeh11.01.2019 19:38:46


Mel Hiane (@mel_hiane)
mel_hiane11.01.2019 19:30:11


Adam Devenport (@adamcdevenport)
adamcdevenport11.01.2019 18:27:35

Refined movement!

Dulal Mallick Tricking (@dulal_mallick_tricking)
dulal_mallick_tricking11.01.2019 18:10:35

What a energy bro..... Amazing❤️❤️❤️

Amirhosein sajadi (@amirsajadi2)
amirsajadi211.01.2019 18:01:52

Wow beautifull my brotha

Juan Cruz (@cruzpoggio)
cruzpoggio11.01.2019 18:00:06


Juan Cruz (@cruzpoggio)
cruzpoggio11.01.2019 18:00:00

Pfff power sesh

Anja (@hope.faith.trust.love.peace)
hope.faith.trust.love.peace11.01.2019 19:19:31


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