On sait tous que rien n'est éternel...
Mais c'est quand même triste de voir la Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris patrimoine français et mondial partir en - Fabert FANFAN (@trip.n.photography_passion)
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Jack Goras Photography (@jackgoras)
jackgoras09.05.2019 04:52:02


Luca Mazzocco (@lucammazzocco)
lucammazzocco13.05.2019 22:19:32

Keep it up!! 💪💪

Kamomila 🦄 (@unicorn.journey)
unicorn.journey14.05.2019 12:31:58

The picture feels cool!!

BPT (@tsivikos)
tsivikos18.05.2019 19:11:01

BPT? 🔥❤️

loswandern (@loswandern)
loswandern21.05.2019 14:08:29


Benjamin | Photo (@songbjm)
songbjm22.05.2019 12:30:08

Just incredible 😮

H Λ M Z Λ (@woz.__)
woz.__23.05.2019 03:40:58

Your pic is cool!

Christian Trafulsi (@detrasdelbajo)
detrasdelbajo28.05.2019 14:29:05

The post is very good!!

Celina Schroeder (@_sluni)
_sluni28.05.2019 23:13:08

Nice 👍 would you like to have a look at my profile too? 🙌

Vince Revo - YouTuber (@vincerevoo)
vincerevoo29.05.2019 10:10:01

Lovely!!! <3 <3

Lucas Z (@lucaszerma)
lucaszerma01.06.2019 00:56:22

This snapshot is really amazing..

Sky Nellor (@skynellor)
skynellor02.06.2019 04:16:51


Riccardo Puglisi (@sk4t)
sk4t10.06.2019 09:32:16


nat (@nat_de_paris)
nat_de_paris11.06.2019 18:47:48

Very nice

DI WU (@tangwudi94)
tangwudi9413.06.2019 14:14:40

can we fllow each other🙌I like taken photos too❤️ your photo is

DI WU (@tangwudi94)
tangwudi9413.06.2019 14:14:49

So purely

Enthusiastic Traveller (@adventtravellers)
adventtravellers14.06.2019 08:50:39

Your picture is really excellent...

Brian Chojnacki (@broadcastingbrian)
broadcastingbrian15.06.2019 12:07:47


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