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Josy (@josy.dncr)
josy.dncr22.07.2019 21:20:37

@nelli_hlrs  😂

Giuli 🎤🎹 (Giuliana Manríquez) (@giuli_232001)
giuli_23200122.07.2019 21:30:42

Happy birthday my strong woman👐😍💖🎂💘💘👏👏🌟😊🎉

graindger22.07.2019 21:32:25


Micah Weatherford (@redeagle04976)
redeagle0497622.07.2019 21:59:47

Like this comment if you were trying to do it

Aurea Joe (@aureat91)
aureat9122.07.2019 22:03:00

We love you Selena from Canada🇨🇦💕

Ang ✨🌙 (@healthymomandchild)
healthymomandchild22.07.2019 22:19:14

Happy birthday beautiful @selenagomez  may God continue blessing you and surround you with people that genuinely love you. Thank you for all the amazing things you do, you have a wonderful heart and dont let anyone change that. Enjoy your birthday !!!!!

Chloe' (@chloecherisma)
chloecherisma22.07.2019 22:25:06


Helen (@helentpz)
helentpz22.07.2019 22:39:01

Happy Birthday Selena I love you so much 💘@selenagomez 

Emily♡Ma-shadow (@emilyrmachado)
emilyrmachado22.07.2019 22:44:16

I thought I was the only one...

M i l a (@destrikamila)
destrikamila22.07.2019 22:46:56

Happy birthday selenaa🎉🎉

martin santiago (@martinsantiago58)
martinsantiago5822.07.2019 22:55:18

I likes beautiful lady happy birthday

✰ 𝔼𝕞𝕒𝕟𝕦𝕖𝕝 𝕋𝕖𝕟𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕠 ✰ (@97emax)
97emax22.07.2019 23:12:26

Omg I just figured out I can't too

TVD&TO&LEGACIES (@enzosfate)
enzosfate22.07.2019 23:31:31

I cant either haha

Nadia Khaled (@nadia___2005)
nadia___200522.07.2019 23:42:05

I can’t too lol

Melu 💕💕 (@its_melatt)
its_melatt22.07.2019 23:45:39

I can’t do it either I thought I was the only one

Annalise Bryant🌗 (@annalise.bryant)
annalise.bryant23.07.2019 00:11:41

I can do it

E(mili)a (@lostmili)
lostmili23.07.2019 00:14:04

I can lol

hanan mabsout (@hanan_hanan_mabsout)
hanan_hanan_mabsout23.07.2019 00:25:47


NAL (@athiqahliyana)
athiqahliyana23.07.2019 00:44:00

Happy Birthday!

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