Sunset in a Lord of the Rings kind of fairy tale 🧝‍♀️ Photo 📸 by @tonyedgar.
Mavora Lakes was used as film location for the Lord of the Rings trilogy - Maria  Pettersson👩‍✈️ (@pilotmaria)
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Steffen Fossbakk (@seffis)
seffis16.03.2019 14:37:39

Ååh så herlig!!😃👏🏻

Jane Millmann (@jmillmann)
jmillmann13.03.2019 02:27:44


Junaid Khan (@junkhn)
junkhn13.03.2019 02:11:41


Luke Dingwall (@_other_luke)
_other_luke13.03.2019 01:35:47

hey hey, been there two weeks ago. ❤️

KYLE LAWRENCE 🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@kylerlawrence)
kylerlawrence12.03.2019 23:35:41

Does someone else take these shots or do you self time them haha?

Elin Hansson (@fbyelin)
fbyelin12.03.2019 17:11:46

This is amazing 😍😍

Irina (@irinahp)
irinahp12.03.2019 13:52:47

Fairytale indeed

Espen Hatleskog - From Norway (@pilotviking)
pilotviking11.03.2019 16:47:15

Epic 🔥

Chris Priestley (@seapea.vibes)
seapea.vibes11.03.2019 15:57:47

Morning view goals 😱

Pilot Lindy (@pilot_lindy)
pilot_lindy11.03.2019 15:56:14

Camping goals!!!

Luana Torres (@pilotluana)
pilotluana11.03.2019 15:38:23

Love this! 😍😍

。Michelle。Chu。 (@michutravel)
michutravel11.03.2019 15:25:21

Hahaha the music of lord of the rings are playing in my head now

akki giri akhter (@akkigiriakhter)
akkigiriakhter11.03.2019 15:18:24

Shot of the day

KELLY (@kelluuy)
kelluuy11.03.2019 15:01:10

Such a cool shot! 👌 also I need to go to new New Zealand!! 😍😍😍

JONAS_SOFLY - PILOT (@jonas_sofly)
jonas_sofly11.03.2019 15:00:32

That looks amazing Maria!🙌

Kurush Pawar | Airbus A320 FO (@captainkpaw)
captainkpaw11.03.2019 15:00:14

Perfect camping spot for the night stars and the sunrise!

JUTA | ЮТА 📷 Fashion & Travel (@dzhuts)
dzhuts15.03.2019 07:16:36

This is LOVE 💙

Helena Olmås🔆👣🍃 (@helenateodora)
helenateodora15.03.2019 07:13:52

Älskar Mavora Lakes!😍

Dani Gómez Méndez (@danigomezmendez)
danigomezmendez12.03.2019 18:04:01

Camping is great

Houssni (@houssni5)
houssni512.03.2019 12:09:01

The best place in time for camping, entertainment, tranquility and love, especially if you go with who you love. Well done and good choice, Maria. I wish you a fun and happy time there.❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊

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