Photo by @paoloverzone | Nybyen is a small settlement located on the southern outskirts of Longyearbyen, on the island of Spitsbergen, in Svalbard. Th - National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel)
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aiazuu❤️ (@aiazyy__)
aiazyy__12.05.2019 06:58:42


Lisa Jean Brown Mackey (@lisa_jean.59)
lisa_jean.5912.05.2019 04:50:34

Beautiful photo !

Ricardo Pires Photography (@_halfwayart)
_halfwayart12.05.2019 10:41:55


DREAM TEAM💪💪🔥 (@marlowgram_flex)
marlowgram_flex12.05.2019 04:09:53


Galaxy (@galaxyll12)
galaxyll1212.05.2019 09:39:56

Tebrikler 👏👏👏

New Account (@hahliimaaa)
hahliimaaa12.05.2019 12:25:35


Iván Poveda (@terribele)
terribele12.05.2019 09:49:19

There are a wolf in the shadows of the mountain

DiveIntoJapan (@divejapan)
divejapan12.05.2019 08:37:07

This looks very cozy, yet the mountains in the backgrounds are scary. It looks like an avalanche would wipe out all of those buildings...

Tash Barrett (@tash.barrett)
tash.barrett12.05.2019 05:50:21

I stayed in the middle barrack while studying there. To the right is coal miners cabin - I remember the food being pretty good 👌

Tacita Morgan (@tacita.m)
tacita.m12.05.2019 04:27:21


R》A》J》E》S》H》 (@rajeshh____rk7)
rajeshh____rk712.05.2019 04:14:44

Beautiful 💙💙💙💙💙

Maarten Druiven (@maartendruiven)
maartendruiven12.05.2019 04:09:45

Looks like that bf5 map

Sathish Kumar (@sathishr_r)
sathishr_r12.05.2019 10:44:24


Mehmet KARSLI (@mmtkrsl)
mmtkrsl12.05.2019 09:37:09


Khayman Rockefeller (@khay_rock)
khay_rock12.05.2019 04:24:09

Also where they filmed season 3 of Fortitude, Svalbard Islands.

m23ramosperez (@m23ramosperez)
m23ramosperez12.05.2019 04:20:19

i seen a video about this in youtube in #Vox  😊

Rajeev Mohanan (@_r_a_je_e_v_)
_r_a_je_e_v_12.05.2019 04:06:34


basil ( 10:03:32


Assy Bah (@bah_assy)
bah_assy12.05.2019 09:52:42


Slekrk (@slekrk)
slekrk12.05.2019 08:27:18


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