It's not another world. It's Earth and it's the "Eye of the Sahara." 👁️From an altitude of 255 miles, a crewmember on the International Space Station - NASA (@nasa)
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Lachlan Ruffle (@lachlan_ruff)
lachlan_ruff12.04.2019 21:51:34

It's Atlantis

Andrew G (@sparky_pro)
sparky_pro12.04.2019 21:55:20

pretty sure that Atlantis.

Keith blair (@svenghalli)
svenghalli12.04.2019 21:51:21


gb_2000_12.04.2019 21:49:31

Some Atlantis action.

Scott Brabson (@forestandfilament)
forestandfilament12.04.2019 21:55:32

NASA handing out red pills #atlantis 

Mario Montalvo Diaz (@mario_montalvo)
mario_montalvo12.04.2019 22:11:50

This was Atlantis some thousand years ago, destroyed by a cataclysim. There were advanced civilizations far before scientist and historians believe, but they are too selfish to admit they have been wrong all the way, truth will be known some day.

A H M E T C A N A Y D O Ğ D U (@siyah.yidiz)
siyah.yidiz13.04.2019 10:01:21


teeter (@tallteeter)
tallteeter12.04.2019 21:50:54

If that's really the desert, then why aren't there stars in the picture too?? Checkmate NASA...

Jonny (@jonny_sedgwick_)
jonny_sedgwick_12.04.2019 21:49:34

Its atlantis

Aldea Mihnea (@faraonul2015)
faraonul201512.04.2019 21:51:18

Its friking atlantis

wasgoodkai212.04.2019 21:51:22

When NASA credits themselves for a picture

gabe (@gabeaaronn)
gabeaaronn12.04.2019 21:55:27

it looks like god is a woman haha 🥺

劉彧豪 (@_uh_724_)
_uh_724_12.04.2019 21:55:08

It looks like atlantis

Joe (@joe.olivarez.jr)
joe.olivarez.jr12.04.2019 21:53:49

Wasn't there a whole thing about that being Atlantis?

Mustafa B. Kamil (@mbkamil)
mbkamil12.04.2019 21:54:59


🖤Léa Collette🖤 (@lea_clte)
lea_clte12.04.2019 21:51:08

God is woman bath?

Cypress Hill (@cypresshill)
cypresshill12.04.2019 22:07:26


Lubomir Guedjev (@el_lubo_patron)
el_lubo_patron13.04.2019 03:08:48

Wow, they use words like "dome" and "flat"... coincidence?

G. L. Garcia (@g.l.garcia)
g.l.garcia12.04.2019 21:54:21


🇸🇻 ESTE MAJE - SV ® (@estemaje_sv)
estemaje_sv12.04.2019 21:59:03


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