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Armin Paniagua (@a.paniaguac)
a.paniaguac13.03.2019 20:05:30

I’m a big fan of your work Murad, but this time I have to disagree with it. I thing you’re sending the wrong message with Nataly modeling in the center of the kids as if they were some kind of ornament. I know you have good intentions but I thing you made a mistake with this video.

My Ancestor’s Wildest Dreams (@thetomorrowjoy)
thetomorrowjoy12.03.2019 23:48:54

I have been following you for more than 5 years now and am a massive fan of your work. I was perplexed to see this sort of video attached to your username.
Placing Nataly at the centre of the narrative dwells on the white saviour complex. There are many ways you could’ve gotten the aim of the charity across without using the ‘poverty stricken’ lens most videographers use when they tell these stories. I hope you can take this criticism on board your replies to similar comments has been very blaze. Sincerely, a long time fan of yours who expected better from you. 💛

Women of Worth (@womenofworthworld)
womenofworthworld12.03.2019 21:25:27

Have you heard of voluntourism? It's when someone travels to participate in charity work and also visit a bit of the country. It sounds fun and caring at first, but it's actually very destructive. Voluntourism (like portrayed in this video) often prevents local economic growth, developement and has a negative psychological impact on those concerned. Instead of training professionally locals and paying them to construct wells and bring clean water to isolated villages (and promote eco growth), "white saviors" are paid to do it for them. Instead of promoting developement by training teachers and teaching local children about the benefits of a healthy environment, you simply take a bunch of selfies/videos with them (dressed in high-end fashion because obviously this is how you dress in the middle of nowhere). This also gives the impression to children that they are like animals in a zoo, there to entertain the rich foreigners and make them seem so caring and charitable. Please please please think before doing things like this. I understand your will to promote this charity and raise funds, but it would be even more amazing if you could do it by putting the charity (and not the "charitable" you) at the center of your video, and if you could explain the importance of local development. And also avoid exploiting the "cute" "poor" children who "have never seen foreigners" for the sake of portraying yourself as kind-hearted people. There are a million ways to raise money for charities (trust me i work in this field) than by perpetuating clichés of poor african kids saved by rich white people who were so charitable

Marina (@marishka_marii_)
marishka_marii_12.03.2019 20:51:15

Жаль,что видео только на английском языке,ничего не понятно. А будет видео на русском? @muradosmann 

Sofía (@sofiacev)
sofiacev12.03.2019 20:48:47

From Wikipedia: poverty porn has been defined as "any type of media, be it written, photographed or filmed, which exploits the poor's condition in order to generate the necessary sympathy for selling newspapers or increasing charitable donations or support for a given cause". It also suggests that the viewer of the exploited protagonists is motivated by gratification of base instincts. It is also a term of criticism applied to films which objectify people in poverty for the sake of entertaining a privileged audience.

Scott Harrison (@scottharrison)
scottharrison12.03.2019 20:37:35


Robert Jahns (@nois7)
nois712.03.2019 20:32:01


Adrienne Tingba 🇱🇷👑 (@girlwiththepearlss)
girlwiththepearlss12.03.2019 20:11:10

I’ve never seen you show children in any of your trips and videos in other countries. Why is it different with African children? This is poverty porn and it’s absolutely wrong. No matter how “beautiful” you or your audience might think it is.

Eleonora Movsisian (@eleonoramovs)
eleonoramovs12.03.2019 19:50:41

Well done! Proud of you ❤️❤️❤️

Igor Rybakov  iR (@rybakov_igor)
rybakov_igor12.03.2019 19:41:39

Amazing 🔥

Michael Berner (@michaelberner)
michaelberner12.03.2019 19:35:26

❤️ this! Thanks so much to you and @natalyosmann 

Та самая девушка с одеялом (@yulya_vinn)
yulya_vinn12.03.2019 19:33:48

Трогает до самых глубин души 🙏🏻

uzdiyat_new12.03.2019 19:30:24

Впечатляюще ♥️

Gökhan Beter (@gokhan_beter)
gokhan_beter12.03.2019 19:28:33

👏👏 👏

Raquel (@raquel_ix)
raquel_ix12.03.2019 19:28:32


ᴀɴᴅʀᴇʏ ᴋʀᴀᴠᴄᴏᴠ ᴅᴏᴘ 🎥🎬🔥 (@kraftlive)
kraftlive12.03.2019 19:28:29


Nataly Osmann (@natalyosmann)
natalyosmann12.03.2019 19:49:50


Hofit Golan (@hofitgolanofficial)
hofitgolanofficial12.03.2019 23:29:44

Wow. Well done from highlighting this 👏🏻👏🏻

Kenya || Travel & Inspiration (@swahilisecrets)
swahilisecrets12.03.2019 21:46:53

This video makes me feel really uncomfortable. It appears to me that it's more for your own benefit. Please prove to me otherwise.

Chris Eckerson (@ceckerson)
ceckerson12.03.2019 21:32:58

How about you sell the expensive clothes and jewelry being worn in the vids and use that as a donation?

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