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D Will Fitness (@dwillfitness)
dwillfitness03.06.2019 18:29:27

Don’t Call It A Comeback

yerzhan8103.06.2019 17:14:14

Take it easy big man 🙏

Ryback Reeves (@thebigguyryback22)
thebigguyryback2203.06.2019 15:35:44

Still got it 💪👏

P-Dubz the IRON VIKING (@pdubz_iron_viking)
pdubz_iron_viking03.06.2019 09:20:55

That's my favorite superset for arms!!!

Dr3w 🔥🔥 (@drew_isymfs)
drew_isymfs03.06.2019 05:59:42


D'Alton Blackwell (@jahsimage)
jahsimage03.06.2019 04:28:47

Pops why do you dye your beard, leave that wisdom alone og it looks good 💪🏾

RECO DEVONN (@reco.devonn)
reco.devonn03.06.2019 04:16:08

🙏🏾 Love you pops!

The One and Only (@life.is.beautiful24)
life.is.beautiful2403.06.2019 03:37:17

You make that look so easy Boss! You inspire me everyday to not veer from the path to healing and growing. Not a day goes by but if you can push through after all you've gone theough, I'm not even going to make excuses 💪💪💪

Kevin Smith (@kapkonnection)
kapkonnection03.06.2019 03:25:21

Pops you love that pig iron huh!💪🏽

ElTrain⚜️ (@_eltrain)
_eltrain03.06.2019 02:29:46

That’s my pop 🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽

Boomernvtí (@bmrnvti)
bmrnvti03.06.2019 02:24:02

What do you when you plateau?

Wolf🐺 (@eabg_savagekv)
eabg_savagekv03.06.2019 02:02:34

I love you CT

𝔇𝔞𝔡 (@cristoballin_)
cristoballin_03.06.2019 01:57:24

*Dies 3 times, still jacked as fuck*

Tamar Binkey Bey (@tamar.bey)
tamar.bey03.06.2019 01:12:26

#MagnificentObsession  🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️

David (@hightower348)
hightower34803.06.2019 01:07:14

CT I GOT 2 QUESTIONS FOR YOU!!! You train us to be big. Make sidewalk crack!!! So my question is. Why you always run short of 2XL shirts??? What happened to Pig Iron shirt?

obadyahu_03.06.2019 00:49:37


Djaru Ward (@djaruward)
djaruward03.06.2019 00:52:41

Pops has died on that operating table, had 2 hearts and those arms are still jacked 👀 that’s a relentless force old man just about anyone should aspire to have! WORK! 💪

Jon Amundsen (@jon_amundsen)
jon_amundsen03.06.2019 01:40:58

Dude had a heart transplant and he’s in his yard lifting old school weights. Fuck....respect but damn

shansky357 (@shansky357)
shansky35703.06.2019 01:09:49

All that other shit aside, thats a damn fine looking backyard.

Dre Morrissette (@positive1150)
positive115003.06.2019 00:53:10

With all u hav bn thru in the last u are a hell of a inspiration u deserve all the blessings and praises that u get from ppl CT. U make no excuses 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💯

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