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Grand Rapids Michigan mmmp (@bigcuzgardens)
bigcuzgardens13.03.2019 08:30:51

I got a 1968 427 big block that would be wicked in that car

Camaro 2SSWhite_Ghost (@camaro_2sswhite_ghost)
camaro_2sswhite_ghost13.03.2019 03:38:23

@ctfletchersautoaddicts  @c.t.ali.fletcher  can listen to that all day long and night!!!!!

Jason Hurkeles Colombel (@hurkeleshealthy)
hurkeleshealthy13.03.2019 03:29:19


Chris Guthart (@chrisguthart)
chrisguthart13.03.2019 03:28:17

How many horses? That is nasty

Josh Ellison (@ellison_58)
ellison_5813.03.2019 03:13:56

427 sir

Ron Padilla Jr (@ron23i)
ron23i13.03.2019 02:29:41

I miss my Vette, but gave it up because it was a pain to restore & I didn't want to be the lonely old man driving by myself... lol. I may get one once again... '69.

jorge schwer (@schwer_fitness)
schwer_fitness13.03.2019 02:07:17

@c.t.ali.fletcher  can I marry your car.. She is a beauty

JC Casto (@johnny_cazual)
johnny_cazual13.03.2019 02:06:39

@c.t.ali.fletcher  nice choice on the Muncie. M22 rockcrusher is a killer 4speed!

Jay. (@yeritsj)
yeritsj13.03.2019 02:04:35

Switch to fuel injection, make mo powaaaa

John King (@johnkingcountry)
johnkingcountry13.03.2019 01:59:22

Classic 🔥🔥

Esteban G Mitchell (@dolo1128)
dolo112813.03.2019 01:52:58

I see you love your corvettes

Spencer Latter (@ungodlyfitness)
ungodlyfitness13.03.2019 01:47:52

Needs more cam

Christian bellanca (@cbella_25)
cbella_2513.03.2019 01:43:23

@c.t.ali.fletcher  i did 2 workouts today as i promised in my post this morning

kashistheking13.03.2019 01:37:09

To bad it makes less then 500hp @c.t.ali.fletcher 

bdrs5513.03.2019 01:31:33


Dawan Landry (@two6fit)
two6fit13.03.2019 11:52:08

Thats a MEAN 1! 😤😎

Kyle Skinner (@xxbig_skeetxx)
xxbig_skeetxx13.03.2019 04:24:48

Nothing like the sound of a big block 💪💪

LSX_bolo (@lsx_bolo)
lsx_bolo13.03.2019 04:22:40

Smoke💨 pressure💪 Yessssssssss sirrrrrrrrrr🏁

Adam Sandoval (@adamsandoval1984)
adamsandoval198413.03.2019 01:29:38

That’s quite a cam. 💯

Benjamin Igor Perošević (@benjaminpianoviolin)
benjaminpianoviolin13.03.2019 09:37:37

What a beast!

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