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Bob Menery (@bobmenery)
bobmenery06.05.2019 01:39:40

I would say she’s a die hard fan.

Gus Heichelbech (@gheich33)
gheich3306.05.2019 01:41:25


Whitney Cummings (@whitneycummings)
whitneycummings06.05.2019 01:40:56

How do I subscribe to this podcast

shir♡ (@shirlleygaray)
shirlleygaray06.05.2019 01:38:19


Andreza Viana (@deza.viana)
deza.viana06.05.2019 01:37:40

Jackie And Kelso 😍😍

Beatriz Lievore (@lllbeatriz)
lllbeatriz06.05.2019 01:38:29

i get so happy when you post mila stuff a 💖💖💖💖💖

M (@mafersobrevilla)
mafersobrevilla06.05.2019 01:47:32

I’m sorry but I was more focused on the way she talks and how beautiful she is 😍

Danny (@danieledeza)
danieledeza06.05.2019 01:44:14

we need more Mila 😍

Ste (@stegormaine)
stegormaine06.05.2019 01:40:32

Really wish mila had insta

Mary Warnock (@1shopgirl1)
1shopgirl106.05.2019 01:40:06

YES! Thank you!!! Where the hell did Bran fly off to?! Seriously?!!! #analyzingGoT  🙌🏻😂

Jamie Lynn (@missbirdd)
missbirdd06.05.2019 01:37:34

Who cares about that. Can we have Game of Kutcher's? I'd watch every second.

Majo (@majo.enriquez57)
majo.enriquez5706.05.2019 01:36:08

What are they talking about?

mila kunis (@milakunix_)
milakunix_06.05.2019 01:37:12

omg she is perfect 😱💜

ihateboredassbitches06.05.2019 01:49:05

I couldn’t hear a word she said because I was so stuck on those beautiful eyes 😍

Rob Brown (@rbrtbrown)
rbrtbrown06.05.2019 01:42:05

Why is Mila beautiful 😍

Annie Parker (@annieparker815)
annieparker81506.05.2019 01:46:35

You’re lucky, she is so pretty🌸

Rafał Grabiński (@rafalgrabinski)
rafalgrabinski06.05.2019 01:35:58

Fuck Game of thrones

DIEGO🌙☁️ (@diegocastro_01)
diegocastro_0106.05.2019 01:40:11

Best couple ever 😍😂😂❤️

youmeand_duprie06.05.2019 02:08:38

imagine being one of the ppl driving by and having no idea who was in the car right next to you

Bianka (@biankagt)
biankagt06.05.2019 01:47:16

Tell her that she needs to create her own Instagram because we need more about mila 🙏🏻😍 love you both guys ❤️

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