Tag a friend who’d be outta that water faster than you can blink!🦎😂 Exmouth, Western Australia. Photo by @adventuresofbluecrust - Vacations | Travel | Nature (@tourfervor)
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Salina Rahim (@salina_rahim)
salina_rahim13.08.2019 07:10:01

Is that a Komodo Dragon? 🐉 🐉

Shawn850 (@shawn8508386)
shawn850838613.08.2019 06:13:19

I don't have to tag a friend, I am THAT friend..and I'll show you that Jesus isn't the only one who can walk on water..

Travel | Vacations | Nature (@tripfever)
tripfever13.08.2019 05:38:30

Oh 😲

prapatsorn (@prapatsorn2554)
prapatsorn255413.08.2019 09:06:27


Travel is addictive! (@travelisaddictive)
travelisaddictive13.08.2019 07:32:52

Very beautiful!

Nathaniel Ross (@nathaniel.ross1)
nathaniel.ross113.08.2019 06:21:38

😲 WOW!!!is that real, ok stupid question, yess it is very real, and no I do not care to take a swim...😲...lol

Daniel (@shokboyd)
shokboyd13.08.2019 06:11:58

And they say, "dinosaurs are extinct”....

vasantha kothi (@vasantha_kothi_247)
vasantha_kothi_24715.08.2019 16:19:22


Prabhat Chaudhary 🔵 (@marshmello_mr_roy)
marshmello_mr_roy15.08.2019 02:29:29


mehar rajput tanu (@magnetic_doll9)
magnetic_doll914.08.2019 15:31:22


bewajai (@bewajai)
bewajai14.08.2019 11:35:45

Beautiful 🔥

Bella (@joybella09)
joybella0914.08.2019 11:22:50

I dont think so, c,mon. Really

Eiad Aljazairli|إياد الجزائرلي (@eiad_aljazairli)
eiad_aljazairli14.08.2019 11:13:03

Wow wow

Yum (@wooden_loaf)
wooden_loaf14.08.2019 09:51:41

Australian Gozilla

Renate Coenen (@renate_coenen)
renate_coenen14.08.2019 07:04:38

Incredible!! 😮👍🏼❤️

Loretta Espinosa (@jddars)
jddars13.08.2019 13:13:44

@berto_tattoos  @courte222  @d_espinosa18  @mrsmoldy  @tina4557  who wants to go to Australia?! 😂🤣 🦎🦕

Vlada (@melnikova_vlada)
melnikova_vlada13.08.2019 10:46:03

@alenazhilina  😂

Sofie Samuelsson (@sofiesamuelsson)
sofiesamuelsson13.08.2019 14:05:00


tania raysi (@taniiyaaa._)
taniiyaaa._13.08.2019 15:50:46

@benjamins.___  macam kamu hahahahahaha😂

Katia 🎀 (@ka_fabiani)
ka_fabiani13.08.2019 10:08:32


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