Shiny new things thanks to @elgringogordo_ @mythighshurt & @christian_slopez (my ramp has had the same surface for 16 years, so it’s kind of a big dea - Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk)
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Cameronvodegel (@cameronvodegel)
cameronvodegel15.09.2018 14:42:34

Love this ramp it’s been ages since I’ve skated it ... Tony

Tyler Schaar (@akailluzions)
akailluzions15.09.2018 14:57:14

How do you like the new one @tonyhawk 

Matt Madej (@mattmadej_)
mattmadej_15.09.2018 15:05:46

Is it slippery as the the old one?

Avi Cohen™ (@avi_cohen)
avi_cohen15.09.2018 15:20:51


Enzo Tight (@enzotight)
enzotight15.09.2018 15:30:52

Glad I got to skate on a piece of history before it went away! @tonyhawk  🙏🏿

Aukai (@aukaibrand)
aukaibrand15.09.2018 15:40:18


Vert Skateboarding (@vertskateboarding)
vertskateboarding15.09.2018 15:42:44

New skin in game👊🏻 @alec_beck  just there chill AF 😂

Sylvain (@sylvain_gnd)
sylvain_gnd15.09.2018 17:48:45


Damon Easley (@inomad22)
inomad2215.09.2018 19:21:02

Make America Vert Again

michaelclarin (@michaelclarin)
michaelclarin15.09.2018 21:27:47

👌🏻❤️ wow!

Jordyn Barratt (@jordynbarratt)
jordynbarratt15.09.2018 22:34:29

Hell yeah boys!! @elgringogordo_  @mythighshurt  @christian_slopez  you guys killed it, cant wait to skate it🔥👊🏼

Mike Perry (@mtheperry)
mtheperry16.09.2018 00:42:04

You are a gnarly old man

Brennan Elwell (@bren_din0)
bren_din016.09.2018 02:38:59


Fingerboard (@warrior_fingerboarding)
warrior_fingerboarding16.09.2018 09:05:58

Wow big ramp!😍

Tim McCarthy (@timmccarthy__)
timmccarthy__16.09.2018 13:32:44

@tonyhawk  How many sheets of skatelite does it take to resurface that beast? I’m thinking 70-80?

Freeman and Fugate Oddities Co (@freemanandfugateoddities)
freemanandfugateoddities16.09.2018 16:56:42


Luiz Henrique Lima (@luizhenrique_97)
luizhenrique_9717.09.2018 15:37:50

Play 1 @llcaputo  @gabhcap 

shaun mcgrath (@theskate_ranch)
theskate_ranch17.09.2018 16:15:31

Is that birch with a layer of skatepaint?

sixiron6617.09.2018 20:50:33

What is the surface?

Nick (@nlpf)
nlpf12.11.2018 14:47:57

Sick. I wonder if this is the one I helped set up?🤔

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