Tomorrow on Demolition Radio: the raw, prolific, hilarious and always entertaining @michaelrapaport! Show airs 1p ET/10am Pacific, then replays 12a ET - Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk)
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Dan Gonsalves (@thunder_dan80)
thunder_dan8016.09.2018 00:32:21

Rapaport sucks

Rick Hochet Lecoq (@chanyyahyaw)
chanyyahyaw16.09.2018 01:16:51

Owh my God. @tonyhawk  The PS1 legend. I used to play as you in TH Pro Skater 2 in PS2. Didn't even once think that I can talk to you finally 😃😃

Mike Wigand (@supercrash111)
supercrash11116.09.2018 02:11:24

I dont understand the hate. Rap is cool.

Pete Wentriding (@pete_wentriding)
pete_wentriding16.09.2018 03:25:36

I love you Tony. But that piece of shit Rapaport. Fuck you dude.

Mateo Monk Music (@mateo_monk)
mateo_monk16.09.2018 04:23:47

I love Rapaport. Fuck all the hate. He never fakes or sugarcoats it. I don't agree with everything he says, but he's a one of kind, unique, passionate individual. Better than all the bland, play-it-safe, tip-toeing, fakers out there. Viva el Rapaport!

kevin feather swine (@kevin_kernen)
kevin_kernen16.09.2018 04:40:27

Michael rapaport is a asshole

eden myles (@blacksheepbaker)
blacksheepbaker16.09.2018 04:47:39

😂 @jordansbiggaysummer 

James (@theeplumb)
theeplumb16.09.2018 04:53:31

Not even gunna tag @tonyhawk  smh

Cary (@ranch_dude)
ranch_dude16.09.2018 05:01:43

Bird murderer

Danny McCarthy (@dannymccarty15)
dannymccarty1516.09.2018 07:18:26

Not a great look

Christopher Trevenna (@lilchristopherrr)
lilchristopherrr16.09.2018 09:22:57

Which band is this @bigbabypaycheck 

Dan San Chez (@damn_san_chez)
damn_san_chez17.09.2018 15:52:35

What’s her name .

Guillermo Meraz (@memo_wrx)
memo_wrx19.09.2018 14:45:02


💔BIG DADDY TRE💔 (@redddreads_tre)
redddreads_tre20.09.2018 12:54:04

Tony look like he smoke everything😂

SuperCharged Bands (@twonbands_beats)
twonbands_beats20.09.2018 13:11:40

@tonyhawk  One of my goals is to meet u before I leave earth

Barry Allan (@barry_allan9)
barry_allan923.09.2018 09:18:08

Fuck u three

#1 Skrek fan account (@skrekfanofficial)
skrekfanofficial24.09.2018 19:35:58

😞 still can’t believe he’s gone Rip Tony dude

Stukun Sergei (@sergeistukun)
sergeistukun08.10.2018 21:00:03

Don Self)

Vince Holland (@vince.856)
vince.85615.12.2018 15:24:42

Awesome company there

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