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Golden hour breakfast in bed at the incredible @cavotagoomykonos 🇬🇷. My expectat
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Golden hour breakfast in bed at the incredible @cavotagoomykonos 🇬🇷. My expectations were very high on arrival in Mykonos as I’ve seen the island blow up on Social Media over the years. In my opinion, the Cavo Tagoo property is one of the main reasons for the islands’ social success. They’ve built an amazing experiential product that fuels content creation. What I mean by that is everywhere you turn is an instagrammable/shareable moment. This is not by accident and it’s genius! Instead of investing in traditional channels they’ve focused on an organic approach to marketing which has made this place one of the most talked about properties in the world. The team on the ground are hands down ahead of the rest of the hotel industry and it’s been an absolute pleasure spending time with every single person I’ve met on property. They don’t just understand Social Media, they live and breath it. It’s why they are the #2 most followed property in the world and I’m sure it won’t be long until they become #1. I came up with the concept for this shot after the #CavoTagoo team kindly put myself and the awesome @jakeirish_ in the Diamond Villa. The size of this Villa is insane and spreads over 2 floors. Photos are great for sharing a moment but a video makes you feel, it can also help show scale. I wanted to show the scale of this Villa and how my room opened up to not just the living room and pool but also the rest of #Mykonos. What better way than doing that than having breakfast in bed 🐷. This was a very difficult drone maneuver to execute as we had to film from inside the room with wind changes, obstacles and walls to clear. It was risky but we had to nail it. Huge shout out to Jake for the #Drone skills 💪🏽. We’ve had so many epic experiences over the last few days that I can’t wait to edit and share. Thanks to everyone here @cavotagoomykonos that’s made it all possible. Special thanks to @soulaliakou@konstantinos_koukas@ivysilvaphoto@sammcglone & Tasos the man behind the social success! Very impressed with this place 🤯. (🎶: “Sigh” by @shalloumusic 🚁: @jakeirish_) @beautifuldestinations@beautifulhotels#BeautifulDestinations#BDTeam#BeautifulHotels.
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Finally made it to Venice for the first time and’s exceeded all of my e
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Finally made it to Venice for the first time and’s exceeded all of my expectations. #Venice has always been a place I wanted to visit but after the awesome @nainoalanger & @andyto made “Let’s Go Venice” for @beautifuldestinations the destination pushed its way to the top of my bucket list. If you haven’t seen that video check out #BeautifulDestinations YouTube channel as it will hands down make you want to visit. I arrived into Venice this morning on the sleeper train from Florence at 5:20am just in time for sunrise. In true #Italian style I got a warm welcome with an unreal sunrise. I’m here shooting with the awesome @jakeirish_ as we come to the end of BD’s Europe in 360 campaign. Often I get to a destination and immediately want to shoot it. For one of the first times ever I got here and was awe struck. Instead of immediately grabbing my camera I found myself just taking it all in. That hasn’t happened in a long long time! Excited to share what we get up to 🙌🏽🇮🇹 (🎶: “Sea of Voices” by @porterrobinson@racmusic re-mix this is a little tribute back to you lads @nainoalanger & @andyto - still one of my all time fav BD vids) #BDTeam#Italy#Venetian.
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The beautiful city of Oia built into the Santorini coastline. This place really
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The beautiful city of Oia built into the Santorini coastline. This place really did live up to all of its expectations. September has been quite the whirlwind as I’ve embarked on an @beautifuldestinations challenge to visit 20 destinations in 30 days! It’s been challenging to say the least, spending 12-36hrs in each place. What I’ve loved is that we’ve essentially had a tease of each destination, teeing us up for a return trip in the future. 2 days in #Santorini was definitely not enough. We stayed at the incredible @charisma_suites thanks to the awesome @alexbirigos and found ourselves roaming the streets of #Oia climbing anything we could to get a unique perspective. This was one of my favourite shots of the trip as @matiasderada, @jakeirish_ & I captured the morning light hitting the buildings and cliffsides. This shot perfectly reveals the houses, hotels, coastline and water in a really peaceful way. Hopefully you guys have been enjoying the daily stories. I could write a book on all the crazy experiences we’ve had so far!! 😉 (🎶: “Abenaki” by @moddmusic 🚁: @matiasderada) #BeautifulDestinations#BDTeam.
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Ticking off a bucket list experience this morning as myself @storyofsage & @mati
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Ticking off a bucket list experience this morning as myself @storyofsage & @matiasderada got up in a hot air ballon for sunrise 🤯. Cappadocia was the first destination that was brought to life for me through @Instagram. I remember back in the early days of #Instagram seeing pictures of these balloons that blew my mind. I’d never heard of #Cappadocia before and I feel that Social Media has helped sky rocket the destination to a must visit. On this trip Matias, Sage & I have been discussing how some destinations blow up on IG and whether that’s a good or a bad thing. Sometimes destinations get so hyped up that they don’t live up to expectations or they get ruined by the explosion of foot traffic. I couldn’t be happier to say that Cappadocia is not one of those spots. In fact the place has exceeded all of my expectations. Every turn we take and each spot we go to keeps getting better and better. The hot air balloons are incredible but equally as impressive are the unique landscapes that surround the place. It’s no wonder they filmed Star Wars here as it really does feel like a different planet. If this place isn’t on your bucket list it needs to be! I wish we had longer here, 2 days is definitely not enough! Special thank you to @tiebowtie & @sultan_cave_suites for making this all possible. 💯% go and check them both out 🙌🏽. (🎶: “Istanbul Night” by Ud & Kanin) @beautifuldestinations#BeautifulDestinations#BDTeam.
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Enjoying a cup of coffee in the Blue Lagoon 🇮🇸☕️. This spot is definitely one fo
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Enjoying a cup of coffee in the Blue Lagoon 🇮🇸☕️. This spot is definitely one for the bucket list! The #BlueLagoon is a geothermal spa in southwestern #Iceland. The spa is located in a lava field near #Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula, a location favourable for geothermal power. Interestingly the lagoon was actually a mistake. In 1976 the Svartsengi Power Station began releasing excess water into the neighboring lava fields. Over a few years this began to form the initial geothermal pools. In 1981, people started bathing in it after its supposed healing powers were popularized. In 1992, the Blue Lagoon company was established, and the bathing facility was opened for the public making it the largest man made lagoon in the world. Crazy to think that the water is renewed every 2 days 💦. If you visit this place definitely get the lava face masks. Not only does it make for a funny picture but it’s rich mineral concentration of Sulfur & Silica are great for the skin 🤩. (🎶: “Underwater” by @rufusdusol - this is a new track by my friends #RufusDuSol go check them out 👍🏽) @BeautifulDestinations#BeautifulDestinations#BDTeam.
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Someone call the coastguard...we’re shipwrecked in Bimini 😬🇧🇸⚓️. #Bimini is a be
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Someone call the coastguard...we’re shipwrecked in Bimini 😬🇧🇸⚓️. #Bimini is a beautiful island in the Bahamas home to white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, tons of sharks and tons of shipwrecks! For anyone that saw Michael Phelps swimming against sharks, it was here in Bimini 🦈. The island is less than 50 miles from Miami , making it the closest point in the #Bahamas to mainland America. It’s only 7 miles long, 1.5 miles wide and home to less than 2,500 people. If you want a real #Bahamian experience come here! For me Nassau was too commercial, I felt like I could have been in the States. Bimini however is authentic, it’s got character and it’s completely unspoiled. I often get up at hideous o’clock to get empty shots of places but in Bimini it really felt like we had the island to ourself. This shot was taken at the SS Sapona, the most visually impressive #Shipwreck on the island. It’s a cargo steamer that ran aground during a hurricane in 1926. After it’s crash it became an illegal warehouse for alcohol during the era of Prohibition. Interestingly it also became a floating nightclub during the Prohibition, with Americans escaping the strict US laws to get loose in the Bahamas 🙃! You’ve probably heard the term “The Rum Run” it all started here. Additionally, during World War II, the wreck was used for target practice by the U.S. Army Air Force and U.S. Navy. I love history like this and more so I love coming somewhere like this with an exact plan of attack for what I wanted to shoot. I’d seen some video of the Shipwreck but never an empty revealing drone pull up shot. Huge thank you to @ak_miamivice & @rwbimini for making this possible as we ventured to the wreck at 6am to capture the morning’s first light hitting the boat. It was just us in the middle of the #Caribbean 🙌🏽. (🎶: “Over Me” by @sharamjey 👩🏽: @larajulij) @BeautifulDestinations#BeautifulDestinations#BDTeam.
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Go wish a very happy birthday to my awesome big brother @jeremyjauncey 🎈🐷. Anoth
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Go wish a very happy birthday to my awesome big brother @jeremyjauncey 🎈🐷. Another year has flown by full of adventures and I couldn’t be more grateful to have him always by my side. He inspires me everyday, he pushes me to do more and I wouldn’t be where I am today doing what I do if it wasn’t for him. As you get older you are meant to mature but for some amazing reason that doesn’t happen between us. Last month for example Jeremy pulled down my pants in the middle of Wholefoods in Soho as I was carrying a basket of groceries! 🤬 It was absolutely hilarious and he was crying with laughter. The best part was probably the old guy next to me who went mental and was so pissed off. I guess he didn’t get the brothers banter! Yes, being pantsed is a recurring theme between us and I’m currently plotting my revenge. At what age will we stop doing this? #Never 👴🏽🤣. One of my favourite things to do is to piss him off. I know exactly what he hates and what winds him up the most...I then absolutely love doing it. It’s funny working together and being brothers as there are times we need to be very serious and I just can’t be, I want to give him a wedgie or a dead leg but that probably wouldn’t go down too well at the office, setting the example of culture 😬. I hope some of you guys can relate to this kind of thing. Anyway, this was shot a few years ago when the #BDTeam visited The #Philippines for the first time 🇵🇭. I love how it looks like Jeremy is floating. The water really is that clear in #ElNido. Again, go send some kind wishes to @jeremyjauncey here’s to another year of beat downs, nick names and petty arguments...”why are you looking at me!!!” - inside joke 🤣. (🎶: “Ori Tali Ma” by @sandervandoornofficial & @lvndscape) #BeautifulDestinations#Palawan.
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Here’s a different angle from last month’s helicopter flight over #ChristTheRede
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Here’s a different angle from last month’s helicopter flight over #ChristTheRedeemer with the awesome 🚁🇧🇷. I always get a boost of energy after I’ve filmed something and immediately want to review it. That being said one of my favourite things about capturing content is to actually sit on the footage for a bit, let time pass and then revisit it from a fresh perspective. You always catch things you didn’t initially see and in this case I remembered I’d caught an angle flying directly over #Corcovado. If you missed my initial post check it out now on @beautifuldestinations 💪🏽. I like this perspective as you still get the crazy fog and light over #Sugarloaf Mountain but you also get a look down angle which helps showcase how special a moment it really was. With the sad news of #ArethaFranklin passing I thought I’d add my favourite track of hers to this video as a small tribute. I feel it’s fitting to “Say A Little Prayer” over this beautiful #Brazilian monument. I’ve certainly had my fair share of special moments happen to me at this location in #RioDeJaneiro. Great memories with @pedrofgonc, @cory.s.martin & @matiasderada 👊🏽. (🎶: “I Say A Little Prayer” by Aretha Franklin 🚁: #BDTeam#BeautifulDestinations.
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Waking up in Zimbabwe with no one else around but the noises of the animals 🦁🐘🦒🦏
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Waking up in Zimbabwe with no one else around but the noises of the animals 🦁🐘🦒🦏. This incredible property is @singita_ Pamushana. The #Singita Pamushana Lodge is the ecotourism arm of this 130,000 acre reserve. Its role is to help foster the sustainability of the wildlife and broader ecology, while enabling guests to experience the magic of a #safari experience at the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. The rich tribal history of the region is the inspiration for the design of Singita Pamushana Lodge, drawing on the proud heritage of ancient #Zimbabwe. Perched atop a sandstone ridge overlooking the shimmering expanse of the #Malilangwe Dam and the lush mopane forests beyond, the lodge celebrates its incredible wilderness setting by bringing guests up close and personal with the big five in #Africa. I knew as soon as I arrived at this incredible property that I wanted to do a drone pull out shot revealing the lodge and it’s amazing surroundings. We couldn’t have asked for a better day with the glowing morning light and mist in the background. Good thing the awesome @david_beare was also visiting Singita as @jeremyjauncey was being a baby and didn’t want to get in the pool as it was cold 👶🏽. After a mini brothers argument between us both I was able to get David to execute the shot with me in it instead, he nailed it 👊🏽. Always funny brothers moments when Jeremy & I are on the road 😂! Experiencing a @singita_ property has been on the bucket list for years. Not only did it set the benchmark for a meaningful travel experience it opened up my eyes to the unexplored beauty of Africa. Can’t wait to get back 🌍. (🎶: “Kamuwe” @disfunktion 🚁: @david_beare) @BeautifulDestinations#BeautifulDestinations#BDTeam 🇿🇼.
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Stillness over the city as Manhattan wakes up on a Monday morning. Last week I w
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Stillness over the city as Manhattan wakes up on a Monday morning. Last week I went up in the air for sunrise over #NYC with my good friends @flynyon. The conditions were perfect as the sun popped above the horizon. As the #NewYork skyline came into view I immediately thought about the opening scene of my favourite TV show “Billions” (@sho_billions). I had to recreate it! We asked our pilot to make a revealing pan over the city coming in via the #FinancialDistrict and downtown #Manhattan. It was 6am and this bustling city looked completely still. As I looked through the view finder of my camera I was freaking out. Bar a slightly different colour grade, the shot is almost identical (especially the landscape version). On a Sunday night I love chilling out and binge watching shows. My favourite show of the year so far has been “Billions”. The character development of Bobby Axelrod (@lewis_damian) and Chuck Rhoades (@_paulgiamatti) season after season is incredible! Anyone got any good show recommendations? (🎶: “Billions Title” by @eskm0 🚁: @flynyon) @beautifuldestinations#BeautifulDestinations#BDTeam#SeeYourCity.
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Skinny dipping over the #EmpireStateBuilding with @flynyon 🚁. This was shot this
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Skinny dipping over the #EmpireStateBuilding with @flynyon 🚁. This was shot this morning during sunrise as I took to the air with the #FlyNYON content team. Huge thank you to @_kevincortes for making it happen and @beholdingeye, @adammcie & for getting me on 2 #NewYork flights back to back 🙌🏽. The 3:30am wake up call was so worth it 😊. (🎶: “Lift Me From The Ground” by @sanholobeats) @BeautifulDestinations#BeautifulDestinations#BDTeam#SeeYourCity.
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Channeling my Brazilian energy today for @beautifuldestinations big football gam
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Channeling my Brazilian energy today for @beautifuldestinations big football game against global advertising agency McCann ⚽️. This summer BDFC was born and tonight the pressure is on as we play the team at the top of the table 😬. It’s been a lot of fun over the last few months playing football against other businesses in New York. We’ve played Law firms, Ad Agencies & Consultants all in the spirit of team bonding. It’s a mixed 8 a-side league which is great as we push a positive message of inclusivity. As a kid I always wanted to be a professional football player. I love the sport so much and can’t wait to bring our “A Game” tonight. Wish us luck guys 🙌🏽! I shot this last month in #Rio at #Ipanema beach, one of my favourite places in the world. Can you guys count how many people are playing football on the beach? 🇧🇷 @cory.s.martin just dropped a different edit so go over to Cory’s account now to see another perspective 👍🏽. (🎶: “Mas Que Nada” by @kvsh) #BeautifulDestinations#BDTeam.
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