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luukas hollywood hobley 🏁 (@t_up_hollywood)
t_up_hollywood13.06.2019 04:06:17

Steve Kerr saved Jordan’s legacy.

ты моя собственность (@aidan.fyfe)
aidan.fyfe13.06.2019 04:05:47

Steve Kerr’s son has the best name ever

Michael Daley (@mvp_12_mcd)
mvp_12_mcd13.06.2019 04:19:49

Crazy. No one in today’s NBA would go to that spot on the court they’d all stay out for the 3

✯ ⓔⓣⓗⓐⓝ  ⓚⓗⓞⓩⓐ ✯ (@ethankhoza)
ethankhoza13.06.2019 04:46:44

If Jordan really had the “Killer Instinct” he wouldn’t have passed up the game winning shot...that’s how it works right??? #doublestandard 

Will Locklin (@will_locklin)
will_locklin13.06.2019 04:12:31

Jordan passing up a shot, impossible...

Max Well (@maxconers)
maxconers13.06.2019 04:16:16

Saved jordan’s legacy. Am i doing this right?

Mark Gorrow (@mrgor.row)
mrgor.row13.06.2019 11:50:18

But LeBron gets “saved” when his one of his teammates hits a clutch shot.

Real Niggaz Do Real Thangz (@first48_cityboyz)
first48_cityboyz13.06.2019 04:05:26

Miss them days

Amosc: Trentm372 (@trent.marquart22)
trent.marquart2213.06.2019 04:30:58

Who else didn’t know this existed

Trevor Maracle (@trevormaracle)
trevormaracle13.06.2019 11:12:13

buT I ThOuGht joRDaN toOk aLL thE SHoTs

samrc4913.06.2019 05:00:26

Good player, overrated coach

Lucas El Ghatit (@lucaselghatit)
lucaselghatit13.06.2019 04:07:53

Dm me to get worldstars first post as well as nfl and nba first post

Gabriel Galvan (@brylleeeeeeeee)
brylleeeeeeeee15.06.2019 18:27:29

Jordan kicked Stockton leg to make sure Kerr has an open shot lol . Goat

Nicholas Blough (@nicholas.blough)
nicholas.blough14.06.2019 05:20:37

kerr saved jordan’s legacy

Dr. Rinat Akbarov (@akbarovrinat)
akbarovrinat13.06.2019 20:30:27


NV (@the_nicolevarsovia)
the_nicolevarsovia13.06.2019 15:57:11

Who ?

Andy Kumar (@andykumar97)
andykumar9713.06.2019 14:14:58

Didn't Jordan draw this up himself

Sam (@sam_curran09)
sam_curran0913.06.2019 13:49:38

Kyle Lowry could never

FingerPrintsApparel (@fingerprintsapparel)
fingerprintsapparel13.06.2019 12:46:32

Same day hes gonna lose a chip to the raps too

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