How do you find your passion, path, or purpose in life? Here's a method that has helped me:
Start taking action on the small things that excite you - Ruben Chavez (@thinkgrowprosper)
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yosr baklouti (@yosrbaklouti)
yosrbaklouti23.07.2017 18:40:22

You are what you think

ایمان زاہد (@eemanzahidd)
eemanzahidd24.07.2017 15:44:01

Stars. Whenever I do something even remotely related to the heavens above, I feel as if my soul would burst with excitement. I don't know what happens, but it scares my mind. My common sense. Cause where I come from, astronomy isn't really a prospective career path for a girl. And whenever I think about anything else, it feels as if my soul rebels against my senses. As if all the harmony is lost and all that remains is discord.

Ronny Stewart Juarez (@r.s.juarez)
r.s.juarez25.07.2017 02:01:12

Sounds like life ❤️

thedumblaws25.07.2017 18:23:25

Can't get enough of good quotes? Follow my page! 🤗🔝

Riana Pagtama (@rianapagtama)
rianapagtama26.07.2017 12:38:11

Nworld! 🔥

Adam Duran (@notadam)
notadam27.07.2017 05:18:19


hetalip3 (@hetalip3)
hetalip327.07.2017 19:11:28


Matthew Habchi (@matthew.habchi)
matthew.habchi27.07.2017 22:24:12

Climbing mountains

Canan Tiftik (@yavuznurcancanan1977)
yavuznurcancanan197730.07.2017 14:00:12


Ingrid DeTinne (@funny_i_dont_fit)
funny_i_dont_fit02.08.2017 22:31:22

Training for my Class A driver license: step one...picked up the books yesterday. Step two: started studying today. My end goal? To own my own business, and to be able to haul my own equipment if there's no one qualified to do it for me. Strength in numbers, even if the number is one.

sherry (@sherry_018)
sherry_01804.08.2017 02:42:19

My flowers and plants

Kadence Cotton (@kadencecotton_)
kadencecotton_07.08.2017 22:20:31


Tamika (@thehoffleragency)
thehoffleragency10.08.2017 14:05:16


Krystal 🤸🏽‍♂️ (@luvly_ladie)
luvly_ladie12.08.2017 08:16:10

Starting my own Business

lordpeso727.08.2017 22:34:41


💚💛RasRios💚💛 (@tipsy_.shots.boss_girl_rios)
tipsy_.shots.boss_girl_rios30.08.2017 19:52:59

The future

Sabrina Kelly (@wingzoflove)
wingzoflove10.09.2017 20:03:09


Colleen Salveggio (@colleensalveggio)
colleensalveggio15.06.2018 03:16:57


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