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Carla Gugino (@carlagugino)
carlagugino12.10.2018 22:01:18

This sounds rad! So thrilled for you @therock  🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

☕~AUTO LİKE~☕ (@takip.web)
takip.web11.10.2018 16:30:31

You are a king 👑

Christian (@pius_rampage)
pius_rampage11.10.2018 00:46:35

So is the @therock  playing JOHN HENRY or is he producing it? Asking because if John Henry is African American shouldn’t he be played by an African American. Personally, I don’t have any issues with DTRJ playing him, more curious about others opinions on this matter.

Kev Adams (@kevadams)
kevadams11.10.2018 04:39:16

Who’s the casting director ? Let me prove than u need a french boy 😊 ! Love u Big Dwayne ❤️

tammy r webster (@tammyrwebster)
tammyrwebster11.10.2018 00:29:23

Hey Dwayne much love from North Carolina

Gehrig Stocking (@gehrig_stocking)
gehrig_stocking11.10.2018 00:27:22

DJ. You are the man, the myth, the legend. You’re such an inspiration and amazing man. Much love. Keep on doing what you do.

Jack Thorn (@jackthorn98)
jackthorn9811.10.2018 00:29:02

That sounds like it’s going to be a really good show @therock  look forward to watching it 🙌

aloha piggy (@aloha_piggy)
aloha_piggy11.10.2018 00:29:54

Johnny cash sang it well. Excited to see it. Hopefully I can watch with my family and not be deployed.

HD (@realdeshawnhill)
realdeshawnhill11.10.2018 00:29:15

Very cool. John Henry is a very 'tellable' story! Looking forward to this

Dale Robertson (@joben1688)
joben168811.10.2018 07:20:42

Everyone saying he can’t play John Henry because he isn’t black. I didn’t see you complaining about all the white characters they have made black in recent movies....

TLC (@cozzolinogirl)
cozzolinogirl11.10.2018 00:34:30

Your wife is one lucky lady! You are gorgeous! 😍😍😍

Джо (@dzhuneyt_)
dzhuneyt_11.10.2018 00:29:12


Sam (@_model_sam_)
_model_sam_11.10.2018 00:55:12

@therock  @laurenhashianofficial  Dear Mr Johnson,
I'd like to invite you to my wedding (July '19, Germany). My fiancé is a huge fan of literally everything you do. Nobody is wondering when they see a picture of you framed in between our family pictures! I’m telling you that to show you how much he adores you(maybe more than me😜).You're the only one, who has the power to make my husband cry! A videomessege from you addressed to him would also be enough to make him emotional and it would be an unforgettable memory for him!😇

iam_yungkay11.10.2018 00:28:21

That deep voice 😂

Michael Elmateet (@mike_elmateet)
mike_elmateet11.10.2018 01:02:26

His work ethic is something to truly admire! My man does not stop hustling! @adam.attia89 

Rodo. (@rodo_41)
rodo_4111.10.2018 00:28:26

Rock rockssss

Uldouz (@uldouz)
uldouz11.10.2018 01:50:34

Mmmmh Big John...😍❤️😂

Maitland Hanley (@maitlandhanley)
maitlandhanley11.10.2018 00:27:34

Honestly one of a kind dude 🤘🏼

Luz Maria Mariús (@luzmarius)
luzmarius11.10.2018 00:33:45

The rock please read your private message is very important, thank you, God bless you!!!

Cristiany Machado (@cris9570)
cris957011.10.2018 00:28:57

!!!! 😋....anjinho lindo...bjos

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