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PARRI$ (@parrisgoebel)
parrisgoebel14.05.2018 03:25:13

She is a Polynesian beauty😍

Jazmyn Simon (@jazmynsimon)
jazmynsimon14.05.2018 03:51:52

Also, Jazzy looks just like baby DJ 😭😍

Hany Rambod (@hanyrambod)
hanyrambod14.05.2018 03:55:55

Awesome pics of you and Ata! Got to love the yellowish orange pics from the early 80’s before digital cameras 📷. #polaroidStyle 

Struggle Jennings (@iamstruggle)
iamstruggle14.05.2018 03:20:25

Nothing like a mother’s love brother ..

FlynnPictureCo. (@flynnpictureco)
flynnpictureco14.05.2018 07:18:12

Happy Mother’s Day Ata!! You set the bar of what motherhood looks like!! And thank you for giving the world @therock 

Kristian ‘Krit’ Schmidt (@talkingkrit)
talkingkrit14.05.2018 03:20:28


Jazmyn Simon (@jazmynsimon)
jazmynsimon14.05.2018 03:51:25

Look at Atta!!!!!!!! 😍

aja warren (@ajawarren)
ajawarren14.05.2018 03:49:03

Ata! ❤️🌸💐

SaronaSnuka (@saronasnukawwe)
saronasnukawwe18.05.2018 23:58:19


Rolaand Møller (@roland_moller)
roland_moller17.05.2018 12:04:22

I see Where u Got that smile from 😁👊🏼😘❤️🙏🏼😁

Skeet Ulrich (@skeetme1)
skeetme114.05.2018 09:29:05


DANNA BRUNA (@dannitabruna)
dannitabruna14.05.2018 13:17:52

God bless her ! 🙏🏼💕

Dave Sparks (@heavydsparks)
heavydsparks14.05.2018 03:34:20

@therock  for some reason I’m picturing you with that same hairdo you had as a kid but on your current body #PolyFabio 

natbynature (@natbynature)
natbynature14.05.2018 09:07:26

She’s amazing!!!!!

Ed Bassmaster (@edbassmaster)
edbassmaster14.05.2018 03:56:38

She was your rock.

Torrie Wilson (@torriewilson)
torriewilson14.05.2018 06:21:05

She’s the best!

onnit14.05.2018 04:29:15

All of the sacrifice and and patience to raise you to become who you are today, sir. o se tamaitai lalelei ♥️♥️🇼🇸🇼🇸🇼🇸

LGND (@lgndfrvr)
lgndfrvr14.05.2018 04:18:23

the first photo of you & your mother was featured in your autobiography “the rock says” ! happy mother’s day ata!

jacob14.05.2018 03:28:56

I love this!

Chhama Chenkual (@chhama.jpg)
chhama.jpg14.05.2018 17:22:48

My son is gonna be a wrestler @relfela17  @gosa_ralte  @tetea_pachuau  @johndapzar 

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