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🌑▪L∆|∆▪🌑 (@di_lalalopcy_chin)
di_lalalopcy_chin22.11.2018 15:56:02

am I the only one that notices how much he looks like his daughter in this picture

Chancelvie DivaNyanga Okondi (@chancelofess)
chancelofess22.11.2018 16:52:33

Nice ❤️❤️❤️ 🙌

Mohamed Ragab - محمد رجب (@mohamedragabacc)
mohamedragabacc26.11.2018 00:07:40


💃M_I_R_A _  M _I _R _A_ 👄🙈🙉🙊 (@m_i_r_a_e_s_t_a_)
m_i_r_a_e_s_t_a_26.11.2018 01:43:23

Meravigliosa creatura 😍

Shiva BL (@shiva.bhardele)
shiva.bhardele02.12.2018 08:50:51

So cute

Gregory Duane Johnson (@darealduanejohnson)
darealduanejohnson05.12.2018 03:12:00

Back when he was just a pebble... Now, he da ROCK!

dr zhivago (@drzhivago2018)
drzhivago201805.12.2018 07:52:54

God bless you two

Odalis Alvarez Vergara (@odalisalvarez1)
odalisalvarez107.12.2018 17:43:02

Ambos sanamos , pero siempre tenemos que hacer todo lo posible para prestar atencion cuando otras personas estan sufriendo . Tenemos que ayudarlos a superarlo y recordarle que no estan solos. Gracias @therock  este mensaje llego en el momento oportuno excelente hijo

Noman Ali (@nomanali2072)
nomanali207211.12.2018 17:31:38


Yasero (@yasero_powerandfood)
yasero_powerandfood17.12.2018 19:17:47

The best thing I never had 🌹

Juice (@__finnesse)
__finnesse19.12.2018 00:33:56

She is soo pretty omg

i_princess (@hemma_albulloshia)
hemma_albulloshia20.12.2018 07:51:16


alicesigford (@alicesigford8339)
alicesigford833920.12.2018 14:07:52

You look like your mom

alicesigford (@alicesigford8339)
alicesigford833920.12.2018 14:08:37


Daniel Lopez (@danny_lopez_maldonado)
danny_lopez_maldonado22.12.2018 13:14:29

Omg this is so cute @therock  god bless u 2.... u r amazing

Daniel Lopez (@danny_lopez_maldonado)
danny_lopez_maldonado22.12.2018 13:26:16

Omg this is so cute @therock  god bless u 2.... u r amazing

Darlene Lynn Newell (@darlenelynnnewell)
darlenelynnnewell30.12.2018 04:31:54

Wow!!!!! Your Mom looks GREAT

gl4mbitious01.01.2019 17:56:12

Jazzy is your twin 💖

Toni Moses (@toni_moses)
toni_moses04.01.2019 23:43:07

She is so pretty💗

Silvia Sánchez Ferreyra (@sil_san_fer)
sil_san_fer07.01.2019 02:24:09


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