The morning started off bad with this 30 degree weather and then I wanted to cry as I graded the students test. So when I had a great reason to smile, - The Real Sample Size (@therealsamplesize)
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nittynid12.02.2018 23:37:36

I hated doing bulleting boards give me the worst kids in the school instead. Don't have a staple gun and a chair to support your weight That's yo ass!

Shakira C. Holt (@narrativeprayerapy)
narrativeprayerapy12.02.2018 23:46:41

Speaking of grading....Slogging my way through tenth grade essays now.

nittynid13.02.2018 00:17:25

It was the rule wink wink all had to pick a board and showcase something as long as you were in any form of education only the Cooks and janitors were exempt

Shakira C. Holt (@narrativeprayerapy)
narrativeprayerapy13.02.2018 00:18:59

Yes ma’am! I’m sure you can understand why I’ve had 10 essays left of this pile for the last hour and a half. I don’t know whether that’s been wishful thinking or bad counting on my part, but I promise the number of essays left is not decreasing. 😫

Nneka 🇺🇸🇳🇬 (@queenofsleeves)
queenofsleeves13.02.2018 00:41:24

Oooh you're a teacher bae

Monica (@knittingprincesstecate)
knittingprincesstecate13.02.2018 00:48:23

Hugs to you from one teacher to another! 🤗🤗🤗@therealsamplesize  Well former teacher! 😉

The Rae Martin (@fatshionablycorrect)
fatshionablycorrect13.02.2018 01:36:57

We ain’t never have no fine teachers like you back in my day! 😍

Wilma Adams (@wilmaadams9197)
wilmaadams919713.02.2018 02:02:16


Francis Manyaweh (@manyaweh)
manyaweh13.02.2018 02:31:05


ELOQUII (@eloquii)
eloquii13.02.2018 02:57:47

Glad you found a reason to smile! The outfit was reason enough for us to smile :)

Kari Danielle Fleming (@kari_strawberry)
kari_strawberry13.02.2018 04:30:39

This look is a slay!

Eko Studios™ (
ekostudios.us13.02.2018 08:43:55

Visit our profile for some local vibes :)

Always For Me (@alwaysformellc)
alwaysformellc14.02.2018 01:51:03

Love the look!

EHMONIE • WHAT'S HAUTE (@whatshaute)
whatshaute14.02.2018 13:03:22

Beautiful pic

Coretta (@cozy_cre8tionz)
cozy_cre8tionz16.02.2018 01:54:58

Love this jacket..I have been missing all of ur Fabulous post..time to catch up!!😉😍😍😍

Lisa Northington (@unapologetically_lisa)
unapologetically_lisa17.02.2018 19:40:46

Beautiful. I had no idea you were a fellow educator @therealsamplesize  .

Schenelle Dias 💎 (@schenelle1dias)
schenelle1dias20.02.2018 06:21:38


Andre Grant#Kik@Gods1teddybear (@gods1teddybear)
gods1teddybear22.02.2018 16:58:04


Monderncurve (@monderncurve)
monderncurve23.02.2018 14:24:45

This coat is everything...You look georgous😍💕

The Last City Cowboy (@delta1saddlevllc)
delta1saddlevllc09.03.2018 03:02:11

Stay sexy..

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