Photo by @irablockphoto | I always carry a camera when walking the streets. And the camera is ready to go, not in a bag - when the moment happens ther - thephotosociety (@thephotosociety)
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sunfarmer111.02.2019 17:54:52

So just what camera and lens are you walking around with?

Lynda Smith (@lyndasmith161)
lyndasmith16111.02.2019 17:06:26

Cool photo. Sometimes the photo is the moment, the beauty, the time.❤️🇺🇸

Mohammed Faisal (@faisal_489)
faisal_48911.02.2019 16:49:10

Beautiful picture

Neetie V (@neetiev)
neetiev12.02.2019 16:02:41

Fantastic lucky w/ an artist eye ALWAYS makes for extraordinary photo.

Chris Scarrow (@bcscarrow)
bcscarrow11.02.2019 18:14:03

Lovely shot...I am going to start carrying my camera too!

Indian_tour_nd_food (@jaanvi7_5)
jaanvi7_511.02.2019 16:49:55


parijat.bhattacharjee14.02.2019 10:51:10

Amazing pic! Took me back to a missed moment.. wasn’t carrying a camera and the bus was green :) wrote about it here ... would you give me permission to use this picture there?

Elisabeth Lorn (@elisabethlorn)
elisabethlorn14.02.2019 04:57:25

Street photography is so similar to street art it's only there for those whom choose to open their eyes. Lovely capture @irablockphoto  ❤️ Thankyou for sharing @thephotosociety  😊

Vladimir (@psickokactus)
psickokactus13.02.2019 16:40:35


Brad (@bradley.james.images)
bradley.james.images13.02.2019 09:50:36

Great attitude to have toward photography

Liz Dacanay (@mizliz55)
mizliz5513.02.2019 05:02:25

It is art and poetry frozen in time, forever to be lost except in that moment only you had captured! Good job!

🌛Roberta🌜 (@robytuesday_)
robytuesday_12.02.2019 16:44:15


The Dubliner (@the_dubliner265)
the_dubliner26512.02.2019 11:29:16

Class 🙌 check out my page if you get a chance 😉

Renet Kinghorn (@kinghornrenet)
kinghornrenet12.02.2019 08:36:58

It is a beautiful picture. But who says she wants to plastered on social media? What about her privacy?

NB (@anahubana)
anahubana12.02.2019 04:55:58

Beautiful pishure

Erin (@temporaryvagabond)
temporaryvagabond12.02.2019 02:47:13


Only One Pen (@iam1pen)
iam1pen12.02.2019 00:35:28


Kup (@kup.pix)
kup.pix11.02.2019 23:39:57

Beautiful shot!

jaymo270711.02.2019 22:29:10

That's why I can't do street photography. Too intimidating. She looks pissed off at you.

LycanEYE (@zed_luka)
zed_luka11.02.2019 21:58:15

Beautiful work👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥

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