Photo by @ljohnphoto for @rippleeffectimages. A young student in #Uganda shares a smile with the camera. @bracworld has impacted this small community - thephotosociety (@thephotosociety)
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Douglas😎Robert🦋Evans (@douglasrobertevans)
douglasrobertevans11.02.2019 01:09:27


Alessio Mattei (@alessiomatteiphotos)
alessiomatteiphotos11.02.2019 01:07:30


Sipra (@j_sipra)
j_sipra11.02.2019 03:53:55

Lovely face....i like her more😍

Appa&Mia (@appaandmia)
appaandmia11.02.2019 02:38:07

She is BELLA 😍😍

Bonnie Ferrin (@bonnferrin)
bonnferrin11.02.2019 01:55:19

The innocence of a child🤗 makes my heart smile.

kzyarsln (@kzyarsl)
kzyarsl11.02.2019 01:15:02


AlMarCoX dE (@marcelo1992xd)
marcelo1992xd17.02.2019 14:03:45

He's cute

Ekaterina Romanova💎 (@lurmmuring)
lurmmuring13.02.2019 13:46:48


The Dubliner (@the_dubliner265)
the_dubliner26512.02.2019 11:38:21

Great shot 👌 if you get a chance check out my page 😉

Michele Erikson (@michelewisconsinliteracy.org_)

Thanks for doing this important and life changing work! #LiteracyChangesEverything 

m_a_a19712.02.2019 02:40:12

She is absolutely beautiful.

Дарьa Штыкова (@daryashtykova)
daryashtykova11.02.2019 22:50:22


portiaburwell11.02.2019 21:12:56


Roula Konto (@kontoroula)
kontoroula11.02.2019 18:47:29


Local Tours On Demand - Brazil (@localtoursondemand)
localtoursondemand11.02.2019 15:07:22


Sergiomiguelpintopereira (@sergiomiguelpintopereira)
sergiomiguelpintopereira11.02.2019 12:50:28

Jóias de fé

Maria Teresa Vasconcelos (@t_b_v_)
t_b_v_11.02.2019 12:13:31


Alexandros Moridis (@alexandros_moridis)
alexandros_moridis11.02.2019 11:56:59


elisabeth goncalves galdino da (@elisabethgoncalvesga)
elisabethgoncalvesga11.02.2019 11:56:50


Lina López (@linapatricialopez)
linapatricialopez11.02.2019 11:30:27

Beautiful 😊

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