Photo by @joemcnallyphoto  An up in the air selfie! Backseat in an F-16, over the Sierras, near Edwards Air Force Base. I shot this of myself, thinkin - thephotosociety (@thephotosociety)
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NADA (@nod1nod)
nod1nod10.02.2019 16:56:01


d_w_h7410.02.2019 16:34:04

@simply.dez  @nittanyflier  - like one of Tam’s selfies👊🏾😂

Matěj Jiříček (@mat.jir)
mat.jir11.02.2019 08:20:58


Jacques (@jakdewet)
jakdewet10.02.2019 16:25:35


nice pictures (@jantrenwena)
jantrenwena10.02.2019 16:47:16

Me Follow

Lukas Babalis (@lukasbabalis)
lukasbabalis12.02.2019 04:24:57

Upload more than this one :)

Vince Alvarez (@vincealvarez)
vincealvarez12.02.2019 03:12:54

Viper pilot!

Bob Van B (@bobvanb3)
bobvanb311.02.2019 16:43:30

Spent my 50th birthday in the backseat. What a memory!

Carolyn (@shesgotthiscarolyn)
shesgotthiscarolyn11.02.2019 04:40:44


Victoria Thor (@vgirasol)
vgirasol10.02.2019 23:42:12

Love seeing pilot selfies! My dad used to rig his movie camera in the cockpit of his F100 and shoot movies. Great footage of the Hawaiian islands in 1963.

Friedrich Ittner (@friedrichittner)
friedrichittner10.02.2019 22:48:50

Top Gun ist wieder da !!!

Lynda Smith (@lyndasmith161)
lyndasmith16110.02.2019 19:39:38

Wow. That was a privilege. Not many people get a chance like that. Bet that's on photo OP you'll never forget. Cool Photo. ❤️🇺🇸

t_zanella10.02.2019 18:59:49


Susette (@madame.capitan)
madame.capitan10.02.2019 18:49:00

Great grandchildren story!

Subhalok Banerjee (@subhalok08)
subhalok0810.02.2019 18:20:55


Anmol Pandita (@anmol.047)
anmol.04710.02.2019 18:02:05

Best job in the world! And the pride that comes with it... Immeasurable.

NADA (@nod1nod)
nod1nod10.02.2019 17:27:18


Sharon (@purplemotorcycle01)
purplemotorcycle0110.02.2019 17:19:58

So brave!

Pinakin Nani (@pinsdreams)
pinsdreams10.02.2019 17:12:27


paul napauleon (@napauleon7)
napauleon710.02.2019 17:08:33

Awesome well done 👍

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