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Crisan Alexandru Gabriel (@crisanalexandrugabriel)
crisanalexandrugabriel09.02.2019 19:16:19

I don't have words to describe this photo. I am so ashamed sometimes that i am a human and not a bird or a mouse or any animal from this planet.

Cat Tragic (@cattragic)
cattragic09.02.2019 19:27:42

I mentally prepared myself and braced to see a pic of an elephant with its face cut off. Then I scrolled over to it and... No, there's no preparing. I was not prepared.

Wonderer_guy (@wonderer_guy)
wonderer_guy09.02.2019 19:13:55

Just kill this poachers directly, no one will know anyhow , they will be eaten by animals, so win win from both sides. Just cut them and feed the animals.

Davis C. Cassell (@dvscssll)
dvscssll09.02.2019 19:26:57

Liking this seems wrong, but it needs to be seen. It’s absolutely reprehensible that anyone would stoop to this for financial gain.

Sean Toles (@luminous_photos)
luminous_photos09.02.2019 19:24:27

Speechless and saddened. I don’t understand. No money is worth doing this kind of madness. Some humans are not meant for this planet.

Alexandra Wolf (@alexandra__wolf)
alexandra__wolf09.02.2019 19:23:59

This breaks my heart 💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭 STOP ANIMAL ABUSE!!!

Tina Bell (@bellphoto1)
bellphoto109.02.2019 21:28:46

As long as their is a demand there will be poachers, shame on the ones that keep buying 😡

Heike Leyendecker (@jadzia0712)
jadzia071209.02.2019 19:10:25

Those poachers should share the same fate🤬

eatmpancakes09.02.2019 20:57:11

How are these poachers getting away? NO ONE sees them, or they’re paid off for their quiet? Government officials have got to be involved for this to be happening this much. What a fuc*ed up world we live in. 😱🤮😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Lubna Sattar (@lubna_sattar12)
lubna_sattar1209.02.2019 20:24:04

😢My heart is broken. We are the worst living beings there is and will ever be. Nothing can prepare you for such brutality.

JORGE (@jorgedelajungl)
jorgedelajungl09.02.2019 20:03:19

I just don't get how we became this heartless. We are a fucking cancer to this planet. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

Karis (@karisl)
karisl09.02.2019 19:58:07

@thephotosociety  can you recommend organizations where one can donate?

Kim (@kimmer_n_)
kimmer_n_09.02.2019 19:23:53

Heartbreaking such beautiful creatures put on this earth and selfish greedy humans just destroy and take. It saddens me and I can't stress enough how inhumane.

liza▶️ (@lizamsg82)
lizamsg8209.02.2019 21:00:36

Ivory is totally useless yet we kill this majestic animal. If countries came together and gave ivory, shark fins, rhino horns no value for money or medicine then killing off these creatures to point of extinction wouldn't happen.

Francesca Bertram (@neongypsy7)
neongypsy709.02.2019 22:58:57

I hate people

Craig Nishiyori (@craig.nishiyori)
craig.nishiyori09.02.2019 20:37:11

Humans suck.. we don't deserve to share the planet with other living things

raymond williams (@paperbacklath)
paperbacklath09.02.2019 19:24:42

Humans are animals.... That's a hard account brother...

Ms Patty (@pzncarrots)
pzncarrots10.02.2019 05:13:38

After reading, i cannot swipe... God bless those who work hard to save, foster, and protect these beautiful animals 🙏

Nina (@patiencelevelzero)
patiencelevelzero09.02.2019 20:19:08

I. Am. Crying. People are desperate, sick, or heartless. Teach people and help them not to continue such horrors.

scottcrawley110.02.2019 02:43:11

I vote Death Penalty for all poachers....it’s about time the countries where this is happening start sending a message. I’m not interested in people’s rights etc...anybody doing this lost their rights. Secondly turn your attention to the marketplaces around the world that drive the illegal poaching.

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