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Lib Elder (@elder.lib)
elder.lib09.02.2019 02:27:30

I love Nat Geo and these images and brief outline of the story are amazing... but... I find I'm bothered by the desecration of their graves aspect of it. May I know your thoughts?

Stephen Yaple (@stephenyaple)
stephenyaple09.02.2019 05:52:53

Don’t know what to say other than man is the most destructive creature on this planet

DavidRichard (@davidrichardfoto)
davidrichardfoto09.02.2019 02:31:16

Congrets. I have one copy of the magazine here at home. I'll read and see your pictures with affection.

Dominique Barouh (@dominiquebarouh)
dominiquebarouh09.02.2019 10:02:18

What a work 👏👍!!!

Lindsey. (@el_morgan_)
el_morgan_09.02.2019 02:09:11

Wondering why images of pigs are censored but this isn't? Weird standards, @instagram 

lydfid (@lydfid)
lydfid09.02.2019 12:39:52

@jcorpancho  this is the article that I was telling you about!

Alessio Mattei (@alessiomatteiphotos)
alessiomatteiphotos09.02.2019 11:07:34


Silvia (@silvia_aftene)
silvia_aftene09.02.2019 05:23:47

Wow... 🙏

RAJESHASODIA009 (@rajesh_asodia_luhar)
rajesh_asodia_luhar09.02.2019 16:06:44


Elise Cantu Schneider (@eliseschnantu)
eliseschnantu09.02.2019 14:44:58

Lovely and also sad. I can’t help but think of their mothers...did they give them up? Were their children taken from them forcibly? Were these kids orphans? Such sad images.

Subhalok Banerjee (@subhalok08)
subhalok0809.02.2019 08:30:45


LycanEYE (@zed_luka)
zed_luka09.02.2019 07:16:23

Beautiful work!! Especially the editing!!

blissfully happy ✨ (@blithesome._)
blithesome._09.02.2019 06:51:54

for those of you who have any sorts of problems or just needs someone to talk to, feel free to talk about it to us through DM! we’d be happy to help 💙💖

negin (@negin0916)
negin091609.02.2019 06:01:36

واقعا جالبن

cr8tivMojo (@davidjohann)
davidjohann09.02.2019 03:52:21

The perils of religion. I hope this kind of practice is not happening anymore.

Charmaine Harkins (@harkinscharmaine)
harkinscharmaine09.02.2019 03:39:09

😳❤️ Thank you!

Jan🇦🇺 (@janmarshallsmith)
janmarshallsmith09.02.2019 03:06:12

An Absolutely incredible fine Huge Congratulations on your article. Terribly sad though. I would love have been an archeologist in the life time ❤️

kzyarsln (@kzyarsl)
kzyarsl09.02.2019 02:47:27


#TheDrMrs (@dr.mrs.afi)
dr.mrs.afi09.02.2019 02:32:43

This is amazing.

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