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- Photo by @amivitale // Fatu is one of only two northern white rhinos alive on the planet, following the death of Sudan, the - Theo Rossi (@theorossi)
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Allison Norris (@allisonnorris_)
allisonnorris_09.02.2019 19:08:56

Thank you for sharing on your platform 🦏🦏

Leah 🍸 (@goonergirlw)
goonergirlw09.02.2019 17:44:41

Broke my heart when Sudan died last year...humans should be ashamed of what they have done to these beautiful creatures! 🦏🙏🏻

Sabine (@lhucretia)
lhucretia09.02.2019 19:58:07

This tiny chance for their survival... I Hope mankind can do them this One favor and don't Let them down

rose (@rosewinchesterjones89)
rosewinchesterjones8913.02.2019 10:38:02

Humans irritate me to no end. I hate what is happening to the animals and we are the cause x

Brenda McNally (@brendamcnallytwistik)
brendamcnallytwistik11.02.2019 06:47:44


staywok311.02.2019 04:10:35

Only 19 comments on this post .....smh goes to show you how worthless these humans really are... sad to say but they not WOKE they never will be until animals get this planet back....i pray they do

Penny Palomares (@sgt.caesar)
sgt.caesar10.02.2019 19:38:29


tokyosky2310.02.2019 17:59:22


Elisa Kohr (@facefactsinc)
facefactsinc10.02.2019 17:51:10

Poaching should never have been legal.

Ritik (@ritik_6666)
ritik_666610.02.2019 12:04:23


mea (@mea_187)
mea_18710.02.2019 04:17:58


shay (@shay_elaine78)
shay_elaine7810.02.2019 02:43:44


Las7983 (@lswales)
lswales10.02.2019 01:11:32


bustacalypse (@bustacalypse)
bustacalypse09.02.2019 20:57:14

We have to save nature to save ourself

Janie Morales Rdz (@janiemoralesrdz)
janiemoralesrdz09.02.2019 18:48:47

It’s gorgeous creature 😍❤️ #godscreations 

KimberClaxton (@kimberclaxton)
kimberclaxton09.02.2019 18:34:53

🦏🦏 no words. 🙏 #savethechubbyunicorns 

BullsGurl (@bullsgurl11)
bullsgurl1109.02.2019 17:39:08

A beautiful creature!

Alexandra Dimarco (@alexandra_dimarco)
alexandra_dimarco09.02.2019 17:31:20


🌷Jenny🌷 (@ladyj7091)
ladyj709109.02.2019 17:30:56

My heart breaks for any animal being abused or killed, just horrible and so sad😓😓😓😓😓

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