It's FRIIIDAY and you know what that means - INTRO TIME! It's been a minute since I've said Hi, so here I am! FIRST of all - you can't even imagine ho - The Elopement Co. (@theelopementco)
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Ritchie Hill (@onritchiehill)
onritchiehill12.07.2019 18:19:40


Todd E Scott (@toddescott)
toddescott12.07.2019 18:58:49

Where in Texas did you grown up, Charity?

beardrian (@beardrian)
beardrian13.07.2019 01:11:14


Rachel (@the_summerqueen)
the_summerqueen13.07.2019 19:25:37

I'm a day late, but here's a strange fact: I am actually deeply, truly disturbed and distrustful of praying mantises.

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