British Science Week is coming and we’re getting excited! From 8-17 March, there’ll be more STEM action than you can shake a stic - The Curiosity Box (@thecuriositybox_)
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Greycoat Lumleys Childcare (@greycoatchildcare)
greycoatchildcare19.02.2019 19:30:07

Renee Watson (@reneewatson77)
reneewatson7719.02.2019 19:33:45

It’s one big sciency bundle!!

Going along together (@goingalongtogether)
goingalongtogether19.02.2019 21:36:29

What an amazing giveaway! (what's the gold plushie - I don't recognize the microbe)

Jennifer O'Mahony (@jen_marnies)
jen_marnies20.02.2019 06:28:36

Wow! My two girls would absolutely love this! They love science and board games and finding answers to all kinds of science questions, we have never won a competition so it would be so fun to win one that they would get so much joy out of 👩‍🔬🚀

Janine Archer (@archerjani)
archerjani20.02.2019 07:53:47

My daughter absolutely loves space and all activities connected with it and would love to win a competition all about it.

Emma Robinson (@dinosaurs_and_petticoats)
dinosaurs_and_petticoats20.02.2019 07:56:44

My little scientist and his brother would love this prize so much! Hes obsessed with science and loves getting his curiosity boxes. He's chosen to go as a book about bugs for world book day this year because he loves facts and exploring 😊

Kristy Elaina Swann (@explorer_george)
explorer_george20.02.2019 15:36:13

My son George is already a curiosity cadet and although he's only 4 he's obsessed with all things sciencey, he knows the names of all the planets and facts all about them, who knew Uranus spins on it's side? Not me until his latest obsession! Everytime we're in London he expects to stop at the science museum and we even travelled all the way to Bristol to visit the We the Curious museum! He'd be very greatful and so excited to win this awesome prize!

Laura Jayne Blackett 🎀 (@xlauraxjaynexo)
xlauraxjaynexo21.02.2019 00:17:32

Like & shared. My son loves learning especially science and engineering 🧬
He doesn't know much about space so feel this would be beneficial and entertain him whilst I look after his baby brother 🧪 🌟

Gayle Thomson (@geetee18)
geetee1821.02.2019 09:43:40

Liked and shared. My daughter would love this bundle, she wants to be a scientist when she’s older and is starting a 6 week STEM group at school during her lunch break. She’s super curious and always wondering 😀

Anna (@espresso_mumma)
espresso_mumma21.02.2019 11:57:25

Liked and shared . I have two science mad children ( With a mummy who is not so much 😆) so this bundle would mean they can enhance their knowledge , have fun, share with friends and school ..... and mummy will learn lots too 😆.

Sorcha Susuico (@sarahsusuico)
sarahsusuico21.02.2019 12:31:42

My son and 2 daughters hope to follow in the footsteps of their aunt Lynda! They want to be scientists 😊thank you for making our science experiments easy to do and super fun 👍🏼

Mum To Es (@home_educating_es)
home_educating_es23.02.2019 03:28:58

My mini scientist is slowly building her confidence to believe that she CAN be a scientist , there are no boundaries ❤️ She is home educated and we have just started a 'Space' topic so would be super pleased to win 😊

♥️ Ash ♥️ (@mariobug25)
mariobug2506.03.2019 19:56:38

Oh this looks amazing! ❤️ My son would absolutely love this. He’s always been such a curious boy, always wanting answers. He is so interested in space and astronomy, and always asks questions I can’t answer about the universe! He will always try and dig deep and learn as much as he can! I have no doubt in my mind that he will grow up and want to do a science based job, because that is just who he is. This would be so fantastic for him and im sure he would learn so much ❤️

Sian Williams (@sianwilliams86)
sianwilliams8607.03.2019 01:16:15

I’d love to be able to show that abilities and aspirations STEM from discovering and developing your curiosity! 🌎

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