#regram from @feastingatoz, who made our scallion pancakes with dipping sauce on Sunday. Tap the link in our profile for the recipe! Make sure to tag - America's Test Kitchen (@testkitchen)
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Candice Frost (@candice_frost)
candice_frost11.01.2019 01:09:43

Yes!!!! I've never been more excited about a recipe!

Sherry HEW KHAO (@sherrypedwards)
sherrypedwards11.01.2019 09:03:47

Ooh thanks for the sinner inspiration. That almost looks like a Thai north eastern style sauce. Amazing! 😍

latentblonde11.01.2019 03:27:00

🤤🤤 my favorite

Stephanie Bartelt (@mizsteffieb)
mizsteffieb11.01.2019 02:13:21

This is one of those things that I don’t think regular people can make. But I guess I’ve made bagels, and granola bars, which were also previously on that list..

B M W (@bernieivy)
bernieivy11.01.2019 04:03:21


James Centrella (@jcent89)
jcent8911.01.2019 02:09:35

@abigailcentrella  get on this

Cassandra Hirmer (@cassandra64)
cassandra6411.01.2019 01:18:26

@ameragoodwin  we need to make this!

Marie Corbett🥃 (@maui504)
maui50411.01.2019 01:12:56

@cfitzsousa  @irishtonynola 

alexandra yue (@pocketsquarepastry)
pocketsquarepastry11.01.2019 03:13:09

I loooooooooooove eating these

Mauigirl111 (@mauigirl111)
mauigirl11111.01.2019 10:31:57

Buy it frozen $1.99

Ariana Snow (@asnow89)
asnow8911.01.2019 10:09:09

Let’s make this next weeeeek @smilingpolitely 

Angela Garfield (@angelagarfield)
angelagarfield11.01.2019 04:03:28

@sarahdhulstlloyd  @nattie_gnat  these look like something we need to eat together 😍

cindygrossienglish (@cindygrossienglish)
cindygrossienglish11.01.2019 02:31:51

@laurenlmoss  we forgot to make

Lindsay (@lindsay17855)
lindsay1785511.01.2019 01:38:32

@sunniesrainorshine  @maxiner2433  jump. Off.

Julianne (@poppypersephone)
poppypersephone11.01.2019 05:06:57

@andyone_else_42  is this just pajeon being columbused?

Stellar Food Diary (@stellarfooddiary)
stellarfooddiary12.01.2019 15:30:39

Wow! Looks so good 😍

Paulette Quinn (@pquinn64)
pquinn6411.01.2019 14:10:43


Claire (@clairecwood)
clairecwood11.01.2019 12:09:02

@blakeleywood  we gotta work on our food photography!

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