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The world knows him as Iron Man. He is the genius, billionaire, playboy, philant
The world knows him as Iron Man. He is the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist of Marvel Cinematic Universe. But outside of the MCU, he is just another guy- or at least that's what he thinks. . . Read further by copy-pasting the link given below in your browser or click on the link the bio to see the full blog🌈😘💕 . . . #rdj#robertdowneyjr#robertdowneyjrfan#tonystark#ironman#avengers#mcu#spiderman#tomholland#chrisevans#chrishemsworth#audi#shawarma#technology#jarvis#susandowney#indiodowney#gwynethpaltrow#pepperpotts#geniusbillionaireplayboyphilanthropist
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{two days before the wedding}

The night before had been perfect. So perfect I h
{two days before the wedding} The night before had been perfect. So perfect I had thought about it the entire night, even asleep, but convinced myself it had been so beautiful and calming because I was feeling nervous before. Now, I was standing in the hotel lobby, waiting for Lucca to finish so that we could go out and spend some time together. “Hey, babe" he said as he approached to me in a bit of a hurry “The place is full of people, a big family just arrived and I don’t think I’ll be able to get out” He kissed my cheek and waited for my response. I was a bit let down but for some reason didn’t really mind. “It’s alright” I answered “It’s work, you should go” He nodded and smiled happily as he rushed back to the kitchen. Suddenly I got a phone call from my best friend and co worker that made me forget about the hole deal. “Sweetheart” she said to me “Do you wanna see your wedding dress?” I almost jumped thanks to the excitement. I basically yelled yes and got my purse in order to leave as fast as possible when my eyes met Tom and suddenly everything was in slow motion again, almost as the night before. I shook my head to avoid those thought and smiled at him as he walked towards me. “Hey, last night I...” he said to me “It was perfect” I bit my lip and nodded, almost forgetting about Lucca ditching me at the last minute. “Yeah... um” I started stuttering, then suddenly got an idea that I would later regret inmensly “Wanna come to see my wedding dress?” He nodded and we both ended up in my work place, where many people greeted me in excitement. I hugged my best friend and she smiled at me, but her smile faded when she noticed I hadn’t come alone. “y/n, who is this?” she asked me “Oh, um, this is my friend a Tom Holland” I answered fastly and headed to the place where my dress was supposed to be. I froze when I saw it. It was the most beautiful dress I had every seen. It almost made me cry at it’s beauty. “So, do you like it?” my best friend asked me “Is everything I wished for” I responded, still in awe {continue in comments}
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{three days before the wedding}

I smiled when I saw my fiancé sitting on one of
{three days before the wedding} I smiled when I saw my fiancé sitting on one of the restaurant tables. He had an hour break to have lunch right in front of me, made me feel a bit more anxious about the wedding being nearby. Not that I was having second thoughts, but it was such a huge event in my life that I just felt it had all gone so fast. “Baby, is something wrong?” he asked me, worried “The wedding is in three days” I told him He held my hand and stroked it softly, trying to calm me down. “Everything’s going to be fine” he reassured me “I promise” I nodded and smiled when he softly kissed my hand. However, I was still a bit nervous and everything got much worse when the waiter brought our lunch, which was fish and vegetables, making me get even more sick and ending up throwing up in the bathroom. When I got out, I took a deep breath and washed my face to feel better. I didn’t understand why I was so nervous when the days before I had been completely calm about everything. As I went out of the bathroom, I saw Lucca waiting for me, looking even more concerned than before. “Are you alright?” he said I nodded, still feeling a bit dizzy and grabbing his arm in order to stop stumbling. “You should get some air, really” he told me We both headed back to the table, where the food was now gone. We just sat there and talked, even when I was still a bit nervous. Then I saw Tom walking towards us with a small smile on his face that started fading as he saw how pale I was. “Hi, is everything ok?” he asked me and I just nodded, knowing he wasn’t convinced “So, I just wanted to say thanks for the small tour yesterday, I had a great time and want to pay you back” I smiled sweetly at him. “You don’t have to pay me back” I said “I had a great time too” “Hey, I have to get to work” Lucca told me, standing up and kissed my cheek, but as he was about to leave, he turned around as if he had an idea “Tom, you could take her to eat outside and get some air, she’s been bit stressed because of the wedding, maybe you could distract her” {continue in comments}
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{five days before the wedding}

I frowned, put on my sunglasses and started look
{five days before the wedding} I frowned, put on my sunglasses and started looking for Tom. We were supposed to meet in a square near the hotel, but then minutes had passed and there was no sign of him. All of a sudden, I noticed a boy fastly running towards me, which made me laugh. “I’m sorry” he told me, almost out of breath “I’m ready to begin” I chuckled and nodded, understanding. “Well, let’s go” I said, as I started to walk left We first headed to the old town square, which was one of the most beautiful place in the city. We walked around as I told him the few things I knew about the history of the place, confusing and forgetting some of the facts, which made him laugh. “Stop it, I’m trying to tell you the story” i said in between laughs “Oh, come on, you are a terrible guide” he said, laughing as well I shook my head, not wanting to admit it, making him laugh even more at me. “Well, how come you came here so young?” he asked me before I could start complaining about him changing the subject “I had a job offer at nineteen as a sort of helper for a very big fashion brand” I started explaining to him as we kept walking and looking around the square “After a few years I got promoted and now I’m a design assistant” We continued to walk around and I decided it was time to go to the next place I had planned, which was Charles Bridge. As we walked around I continued to look at the view, amazed by how beautiful it was, forgetting Tom for a second. “It’s amazing, isn’t it?” I said, and noticed he was looking at me funny, like that time in the counter, but couldn’t quite understand why He nodded and we continued to walk, not saying a word. I started playing with my engagement ring. “So, how did you meet Lucca?” he asked me “You are getting all personal, huh?” I said and we both laughed “I was about twenty and we were doing a small fashion show on the hotel and that’s how we met. Not a very big love story” “I think everybody should have a very big love story” he told me, which confused me a little {continue in comments}
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After long time no post, I apologize😫 ——————————
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After long time no post, I apologize😫 —————————— Tags:#rdj#rdjedit#robertdowneyjr#robertdowneyjrfan#robertdowneyj#robertdowneyjrbigfan#robertdowneyjunior
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{six days before the wedding}

I was talking to Robert, his wife, a guy called J
{six days before the wedding} I was talking to Robert, his wife, a guy called Jacob and Zendaya, who I knew for being a big fashion icon, when the counter boy had entered to the room, making me chock on my water. A few people on the table looked at me concerned. “Are you okay, baby?” Lucca asked me, frowning, confused because I couldn’t stop coughing I nodded, not breaking eye contact with the counter boy, who seemed as surprise to see me as I was to see him. He sat right in front of me, in the only empty chair left. “Have you already met?” Robert asked me “We talked a bit this morning” the boy answered I nodded, still coughing and trying to stop myself from doing it, to avoid doing a scene. “I don’t even know his name” I said once I was able to talk “Well then let me introduce you” Robert said, cheerfully “y/n, this is the future of cinema, Tom Holland. Tom, this are y/n and her fiancé, the head chef, Lucca” I laughed just like everybody else around us at his way of presenting him. Tom smiled at me sweetly, making me blush a little. But after that we did not talk much, just looked at each other every now and then. I was extremely curious about him. I wanted to know which part he took in the movie or even what movie they were shooting, but could find the courage to ask and look like a complete ignorant. “You have a very particular accent, honey, where are you from?” Susan asked me I smiled at her and noticed most people around me were paying attention. “I’m from Walkes” I answered “Cardiff, more specifically. I moved here for work when I was nineteen” They all seemed very interested in the subject and as we continued to talk I noticed how great they all were, and how fun it was their company. “I’m extremely excited for the Avengers movie” Zendaya said, and everyone agreed and continued to talk about some end game thing “Is that the movie you are filming?” I asked innocently and everyone started laughing “No, we are filming the new spider man movie” Jacob told me, and I nodded, not even knowing that there was going to be a new spider man movie “This is the sequel actually” {continue in comments}
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Aquí les traigo algunos personajes importantes de marvel que an sido llevado a l
Aquí les traigo algunos personajes importantes de marvel que an sido llevado a la pantalla grande, comparándolo con la versión de los cómic espero les guste 📓👌👌🔚 Por favor sigue mi pagina de instagram estaré subiendo mas contenido como este y también subire las noticias mas importantes del cine 🎥📓⭐ #marvel#avengers4#captainmarvel2019#iromanfan#marvelcomic#marvellatinoamérica#spidermanfan#ironspider#captainamerica#robertdowneyjrfan#tomholland2013#chrisevansfan
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