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Do you prefer symmetrical photos with people or without people? Let me know 👇👻⠀⠀⠀
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Sam Safi | Photographer (@capturedvoyage)
capturedvoyage11.02.2019 16:07:25

Awesome picture 🔥🔥

Seline Fitness (@selinefitness)
selinefitness11.02.2019 13:51:48

Wow this is epic 😍

Nabeel (@nabeel_legend)
nabeel_legend11.02.2019 13:51:02


FoEs (@foroureternalsouls)
foroureternalsouls11.02.2019 13:49:44

Ultra nice pov 💯 biggest congrats 🏆

Fanpage of @marvinzeet (@marvinoverdozze)
marvinoverdozze11.02.2019 13:49:40

This is dope 🙌

Alvaro López (@alvaromlopez)
alvaromlopez11.02.2019 13:49:34

I prefer symmetrical photos with people and this 📸 is amazing

Fitness Motivation (@official_mnkz)
official_mnkz11.02.2019 13:48:14

This is dope 🔥

ELISA DUWEZ (@elisa.duwez)
elisa.duwez11.02.2019 13:46:39


North Spain (@fraanlax)
fraanlax11.02.2019 13:45:44


j. (@jay.punkt)
jay.punkt11.02.2019 13:45:24


Armin Hoffmann (@arminsvip)
arminsvip11.02.2019 13:43:15

This one is fantastic! 👌🏼😎

Armin Hoffmann 🇩🇪 (@aminusr)
aminusr11.02.2019 13:42:50

Such a dope spot! Awesome shot @edwardkb  🔥😍

SYMMETRYHUNTERZ™️ (@symmetryhunterz)
symmetryhunterz11.02.2019 13:42:14

Super satisfying symmetry man! 💪🙌🏼

Barber Shop (@barber_bulud)
barber_bulud11.02.2019 16:17:37

Saçın iki dəfə yuyulması,katloqla kesimi,uklatka,iki növdə maska cəmi 8 AZN

STREETGRAMMERS (@street.grammers)
street.grammers11.02.2019 16:07:43

Superb👌👌 love those tones! 🏆🏆

NdMx (@nd_mx)
nd_mx11.02.2019 15:47:09

Prefer with people, more story 😁

fotografia callejera (@lacalle_deatras)
lacalle_deatras11.02.2019 15:26:36


🎀Connie Yuen🎀 (@konniiyhuwen)
konniiyhuwen11.02.2019 15:18:26

Both! It depends on the context and the mood the photo is trying to set. For example, if the shot is set in kinda a spooky empty place, it’d be better with no people.

neBSounds (@nebsounds)
nebsounds11.02.2019 14:41:08

Perfect shot!!! Without people IMO

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