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Max & Luna (@fluffy.duo)
fluffy.duo04.07.2019 18:02:20

Is suki a bengal or mau car??❤️so cute

Goku (@gokuthebengalkitten)
gokuthebengalkitten04.07.2019 18:01:30

😹 Awww such a cutie 🧡

Elinor (@elinorsings)
elinorsings04.07.2019 18:00:38

Whoa! You mean you find crystals like THAT in the mountains?!😳

June Biswas (@junebiswas)
junebiswas04.07.2019 18:00:36

What a beautiful place!

Waffles (@furrywaffles)
furrywaffles04.07.2019 17:59:48

😻😻 The views and Suki!

cackylkthecolor (@cackylkthecolor)
cackylkthecolor04.07.2019 17:58:53

Is that an opal??

Lili (@lili_babin)
lili_babin04.07.2019 17:58:01

I need to have some Suki therapy 🧡

Sexymomma (@sexymomma3929)
sexymomma392904.07.2019 17:56:31

Gorgeous. Is that Peyto Lake?

VALERIE & ALEX ✈ (@ourwanderlustory)
ourwanderlustory04.07.2019 17:56:28

How cute! Still can't believe we were lucky enough to meet Suki😍

Leslie (@epicrvliving)
epicrvliving04.07.2019 17:48:10

Omg girl! Your pieces you make are amazing! 🙀I’m so drawn to your hand work. I just purchased your last Spirit Quartz necklace on your Etsy. Please have Sukii bless it with her beautiful Bangle energy before sending 😬

Sarah ♈️🖖🏻Ⓥ (@plant.lova)
plant.lova04.07.2019 17:46:44

did you use your canon to shoot this?

Natalia E. Rivera (@natie_415)
natie_41504.07.2019 17:46:31

What kind of stone it’s beautiful?

Quila Dixon (@quiladixon)
quiladixon04.07.2019 17:44:32

This video is so beautiful in so many ways!!

Clare Grant (@claregrant)
claregrant04.07.2019 17:25:16

So many pretty things!!

Каракет Ариэль (@ariel.caracat)
ariel.caracat04.07.2019 17:10:38

The whole picture is doing me goosebumps 😅

Lulu & Farfor😽 (@my_lulu_cat_)
my_lulu_cat_04.07.2019 17:09:44

Absolutely sooo beautiful 😻

Dillon Jenkins (@dllln)
dllln04.07.2019 17:05:37

suki casually acquiring superpowers

Grayson + Weston + Coalton (@graywoof)
graywoof04.07.2019 17:05:34

So so pretty. ❤️

Marcel “Le Corgi” (@lecorgi)
lecorgi04.07.2019 17:02:26

colour of her eyes 😍

D U S T Y 🐾 P E P P E R 🇸🇬 S G (@dustypepper369)
dustypepper36904.07.2019 17:02:10

Suki loves her precious gem!💕♥️

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