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Shannon Fair (@fairshannon)
fairshannon26.06.2019 15:41:43

Look at her little trots! 😍

Kevin Zhang (张凯文) (@instakevinzhang)
instakevinzhang25.06.2019 17:35:15

Wow where was that? Switzerland?💙💙💙

zaf is (@zaf.is)
zaf.is25.06.2019 17:30:34

Gorgeous lake! I miss those Banff/Jasper views. // Does Suki 'point out' hidden wildlife for you, with her super-senses?

Maurizio Amoruso (@_.morris._)
_.morris._25.06.2019 17:29:23

Where is it? 😍

Aline Nanete (@alinenanete)
alinenanete25.06.2019 17:28:40

What a stunning view! 💙💙💙

Francesco Cozza (@francesco.cozza)
francesco.cozza25.06.2019 17:03:31

Ma il guinzaglio è proprio indispensabile??😕

Josophine & Anabelle (@jojotheragdollcat)
jojotheragdollcat25.06.2019 16:58:53

Wow the views are breathtaking ❤️

Jamie | Adam (@ourweekendwhims)
ourweekendwhims25.06.2019 16:58:50

How sweet!

Mary Wheeler (@wheeler_mary)
wheeler_mary25.06.2019 16:58:08

🐾🐱happy meowtrails

Christine Ditty (@chris.ditty)
chris.ditty25.06.2019 16:57:16

What brand of leash and harness do you use?

↟Hockey Mom | 🇨🇦🌲🐿🌸🎨🥃 (@theriverhawk)
theriverhawk25.06.2019 16:56:06

Alberta shoutout! 🙌 How surprised are people to see Suki out on a mountain trek? You must get a lot of shocked giggly gasps.

Pixie 🐾 (@pixie.the.bengal)
pixie.the.bengal25.06.2019 16:55:00


catler the cat (@_catler_)
_catler_25.06.2019 16:53:49

meow amazing

aisha yascara (@aisha_yaskara_min_saa_et)
aisha_yaskara_min_saa_et25.06.2019 16:53:14


🇨🇦Monika S. Wang🇨🇳 (@monika.s.wang)
monika.s.wang25.06.2019 16:52:46

Wow little lucky Kitty.... peyto lake😍

Percy (@the_percy_boy)
the_percy_boy25.06.2019 16:52:36

How did u train Suki to walk on a leash so well??

Tom Cieri Jr (@hoyt_aholic)
hoyt_aholic25.06.2019 16:52:27

Suki ur the best❤️

mfsmsd25.06.2019 16:52:07

Look at suki's tail , she seems very happy

Life Like Pillows (@lifelikepillows)
lifelikepillows25.06.2019 16:51:52

What a view! 🐱

Nero/Rubble  Musschoot (@nero.and.rubble)
nero.and.rubble25.06.2019 16:51:48


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